Ten Point Program

Yelianni, Raymundo, Evan

  1. We want to minimize inflation on the many goods that your average citizen relies on.
  2. Political inequality – We want to reduce the amount of absolute political impact government officials hold over our individual vote.
  1. We want quality health care for all even those who cannot afford it regardless of being poor or rich.
  2. We want to reduce easy access to weapons and implement gun training to decrease gun violence 
  3. We want stable rent regulations that provides affordable housing to minorities to reduce gentrification
  4. We want to regulate abortion laws so that women are able to make their own choices when it comes to their bodies
  5. We want more enforced laws and bigger consequence for a Domestic violence
  6. We want better police training to prevent police brutality against minorities
  7.  We want the refinement of the tax system, to which the process is handled more efficiently and tax evasion is severely cut down. 
  8. We demand more funding for homeless shelters and to provide general basic needs for them.
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3 Responses to Ten Point Program

  1. ADAM MAPOY says:

    All of these are major problems that I agree with, especially quality healthcare.

  2. YINELDI DIAZ says:

    I really like your first point, minimizing inflation would help a lot for those who are struggling to even pay bills in general.

  3. ETHAN JUSINO says:

    Number 1o is my favorite one. Mostly because we live in New York City where homelessness is crazy high. Almost everywhere you go there is at least bound to be one homeless person. It is a sad site to see that which can be annoying for everyone. I really hope something would change. Brilliant job

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