film review

the film I chose to review was “Why revisiting the Black Panther revolution resonates today” by pbs. this video is a conversation between director Stanley nelson and interviewer Jeffrey brown about nelsons upcoming film, the black panthers: vanguard the revolution. during this conversation, nelson explains that he wants to present the black panthers in a new light because there are many misconceptions about the party. in addition, he states that in order to understand the movement you must understand the time period which he does through his music selection. brown adds that a lot of the events that take place in the film are similar to those in today’s world, nelson responds saying that the items listed in the 10-point program are still being fought for within the African American community today. what I thought was interesting was when brown commented that the black panther party began with guns. however, nelson explained that the party started with protection from police brutality. saying that it began with guns makes the party seem violent or extreme. when in reality, it was a response to being targeted by the police which were known to be extremely brutal in that area. overall nelson explains that the film is important in today’s world, and he would like for people to make that connection while also learning the true story of the black panther party.

judas and the black messiah review

the first thing that I noticed while watching this film was in the very beginning when will is being interrogated by the cops, he’s asked why did he use a badge instead of a weapon, the first thing that came to mind before he even answered was that people are more afraid of cops than a weapon. watching this movie reminded me of the animated series attack on titan, with will (the informant to the fbi) being Bertolt. this movie made me feel so many emotions especially anger as I watched everything unfold. one scene that really stood out to me was when Deborah and Fred talk about if they regret having their child because Fred was ready to put his life on the line for the party, but Deborah could not as her body was not her own. I’m not sure why it stood out to me maybe it was because you can feel the concern she had for her child’s and his father’s life. this movie captures what the black panther party is truly about. They had breakfast programs and wanted to fight for so much more. they weren’t a terrorist group like the KKK and did not seek to harm others. instead, they wanted to unify all communities that were in some way shape or form being treated unfairly and not just by the color of their skin but economic status as well. the government saw it as a threat which is why the fbi wanted to disband the organization. they didn’t want Fred to receive more attention and didn’t want the party to grow stronger. they feared that they would overthrow the people who were in power. the black panther party just wanted to end police brutality and gain basic human rights for those who didn’t have it. Fred believed that the power was within the people. he was for the people and died for the people.

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