Interview Questions

Hello everyone, my name is Joseph Bello and I am a freshman here at Baruch. I am majoring in Journalism and love to write about sports but mainly hockey and baseball. The interview question I will be answering is: “What do you consider to be the greatest threat to your happiness?” I think the greatest threat to my happiness is myself. I find myself to overthink a lot, which causes me to go through stages where I aren’t as happy as I would like to be. While most of the time I am a very happy person, every once and a while I think way too much about stuff I have to do, etc. Which leads to me getting stressed out or unhappy.

I talked to Adam Mapoy in class, we didn’t ask each other interview questions but instead talked about our lives at home and leading up to college. He grew up in upstate NY and I found that we had many similarities in our childhoods. We both were big into sports, and also found that upstate Ny is similar to Long Island when it comes to high school sports. He was a big fan of basketball and playing it when he was growing up, while I am huge into and playing baseball.

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