The Man Who Armed The Panthers – Film Review

This was an interesting and informative video on a man, Richard Aoki, who was an original member of the Black Panthers. Aoki was also and FBI informant, which was obviously unknown to the rest of the Black Panther Party members. He was the one who got the guns to the Black Panthers, the video questions the fact that maybe the FBI could have been involved in arming the Panthers. Which I don’t think is such an abstract concept, as conspiracy theories of the FBI doing bad things to create an end result that is optimal for them have gone around for years. The FBI could have used Aoki to get an “in” on the party, use him to arm them and supply them with weapons in the hopes that they would use those weapons just so the police/FBI could use weapons back on them. This would make it not look like they were doing such harsh things and to save their reputation from the crowd that wasn’t involved with the actual party or living in Oakland. The FBI would totally be capable of doing that and getting away with it as they are some of the highest officers of the law in the country. As the video goes on, it explains how the FBI covered up that Aoki was even used to gain access to the inside of the Black Panthers. They still have not released any of the files that they had on Aoki, to this day. Sadly, Aoki committed suicide in 2007.

Judas and the Black Messiah Review

This movie showcased had a roller coaster of emotional feelings throughout it, I thought it was an excellent film with great actors who truly showcased how it was like living in this era in time. My initial reaction on the ending of it was shock of how easily they can get away with doing such horrible things to the Black Panthers and others. Emotionally I was feeling very sad and bad for the Black Panthers, all they wanted was for themselves and their families to have better lives while being treated fairly by everyone but instead they had to fight and be killed for it. The BPP had to deal with so much adversity from almost everybody that wasn’t standing with them for their cause, which led to the amount of fights that are shown in the movie and that happened in real life. The Black Panther Party wanted to be treated as equals to everyone else and were keen on their self defense from the police brutality.

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  1. On the Judas review, i love that you mentioned how great the actors were and how it helped contribute to making the feeling of being in the time of the Panthers throughout the use of film a reality.

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