7 day log

DAY 1:

I was trying to create a account in the library near where I lived. I used the library’s computer but didn’t work out. Many IP address were blocked. At the end I used my phone and connected to the library wifi and it finally works. Then I went checking if my Wikipedia account actually works.

DAY 2:

After my account is finally created I was looking at what Wikipedia wanted to show me. It was showing me what I can do, where to find what and editing. Later I started the Wikipedia adventure it shows me how Wikipedia works and I was just following the instruction.

DAY 3:

I started looking at articles and see if I know how to edited. I also learned to create a page to write my own stuff. After that I went back to Black board and open the red list link again looking for which one should I write about. However, I was in between a few women who were on the red list. So at the end I still didn’t pick one.

DAY 4:

Instead of choosing someone to write about for my project. I went looking at 2 different document. I was comparing the two documents since I got a little curious when I hard that most of the time women had less information then men. One is about Xiaozhan who is a male actress and the other one is Liuyifei. What I found was that although Liuyifei are a more experience actress and that she started acting earlier than Xiaozhan. In Wikipedia for Xiaozhan’s page there are much more information about him but for Liuyifei there are much less information. It might be that he had acted more films and had more accomplishment as singer as well. However, his information is pretty well updated everything is updated to 2022.

DAY 5:

I went back to the red list and opened those that shows some information. I realized many have information but there aren’t any picture. Also those that have information only have a little information. I also found many women who were on the red list familiar. Later I figure out that they were on the Chinese shows and Chinese drama that I had watched before. I was kind of surprise that they don’t have any information about them in Wikipedia since they are also celebrities’.

DAY 6:

I start looking through which women on the red list should I chose and which do I already know some information about. At the end I decided to pick one that doesn’t have any information or only a little or doesn’t have a picture and that I watched some shows or drama’s that she was in. I picked 4 women who were on that list and I went checking which one do I know more about and which one should I write about. So I went looking at their film work and songs etc.

DAY 7:

I had choose to write about Wu yang who is one the red list. Also that for her page it doesn’t have a image of her or much information. There’s only one four sentence talking about her name and her past experience. All of those experience are before 2018. However, I had watched one Chinese drama that was released in 2020 and she was one of the actress in the drama.

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3 Responses to 7 day log

  1. JING WANG says:

    I had the same issue with the library. Many were blocked from Wikipedia to create an account. I also had difficulty on which red name woman I should do. It is hard to choose one and there is not much information about them.

  2. Be careful when you choose names in Chinese, and make sure that you are looking at the correct person when you are researching. There could be many names in Chinese that pronounce the same as Wu Yang but were completely different words, plus it sounds like a simple name so there might be many people with the same name.

  3. MIA MUNOZ says:

    I also had trouble with making my account and I think that Wikipedia has information about celebrities but usually in other languages as the Women in Red I chose is well-known in Ecuador but she only had a page in Spanish.

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