Seven Day Log

Ethan Jusino 

Prof. Perry 

Eng 2150 (Mon & Wed ) 

Due 03-29-23 

                        ( Done consecutive days ) 

Day 1. 03/21

Now day one was hard because I had to get a friend across the country to make an account for me . It was funny though because he used his main email address when I told him to use a back up. So I logged in and only really read articles. Didn’t do much. 

Day 2 

Did more reading and edited an article on a series called Sharknado. I tried to be as unbiased as possible , but I remember just how bad those movies were.  

Day 3 

Edited an article on a town in Arkansas , I only really did it because I was extremely bored and noticed that they still haven’t updated the population of this town. It had been over 13 years since it was posted so I just fixed certain small ticks like that. 

Day 4. 

Didn’t edit just scrolled through wikidata and other articles about famous people because I wanted to see how biased  “unbiased editors” actually were. Turns out it was just a title. 

Day 5. Searched up an article on snoring and talk about what I should do to stop others from snoring. Still waiting on responses from other people in order to keep it going. 

Day 6. Made a quick spelling check on random articles because I got bored after working on my own article while waiting for it to be reviewed because of the fact that 

Wikipedia is very strange. 

Day 7 

My full article got deleted , so I started deleting small facts from posts that were not verified at all. Got angry at Wikipedia and I do not regret my decision. Overall it is an old website that has not had many updates which makes it annoying to use. Looks more useful for computer science.

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7 Responses to Seven Day Log

  1. JING WANG says:

    I agreed with you on how weird Wikipedia is. It’s just too much work and it’s hard to edit too. But sometimes it is fun to look through pages on Wikipedia. There are just some things that seem to be funny. I liked your attitude of deleting those unverified facts. Mine got deleted also which is kind of annoying.

  2. I also agree, I feel as though just for a simple edit for example, adding a picture to an article there were so many steps that you had to do. I honestly felt like as if I was coding. I don’t regret what I did but as you said, I just wish the process was easier.

  3. The editing tools and process of Wikipedia were exactly the HTML of a website. At first, I was expecting it to be like writing a journal or essay, but it seems like I am writing a text from the basic code of the entire Wikipedia website. It’s wired. Check the visual editor out,

  4. EVAN RIVERA says:

    I also found it very odd to use this site. As if most people edit based on how they feel and could end up deleting entire articles. The code caught me by surprise but I think I got the hang of it myself. I found it hilarious you took it upon yourself to start deleting others comments as payback, I support the get back.

  5. MIA MUNOZ says:

    I agree, Wikipedia is weird. The process to edit and create an article was kind of difficult for me.

  6. The coding aspect of it was confusing for me. I got used to simply downlaoding an image and inserting the file. Or even replying to a comment made me confused for who was responding to who.

  7. JOSEPH BELLO says:

    I agree, wikipedia is a little outdated and strange to use

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