Should the United States Ban TikTok?

“What is your reaction to a potential ban of TikTok in the United States? Are lawmakers’ concerns about the app warranted, in your opinion? How do you think a ban might affect you?”

My reaction was to think to myself that it wouldn’t be the worst thing ever, if anything it’ll serve as good to the community deeming how much social media already impacts the lives of those that use it. I think lawmakers are warranted about their concerns, they’re just doing their jobs and ensuring the safety, data, and privacy of the users of TikTok. I think a ban might affect me in a good way for sure because I feel I waste too much time on it already. There are times that I would open up the app when I’m supposed to actually be working and being productive and hours would fly by while I’m on it and then I just end up not being as productive as I would hope.

“What concerns, if any, do you have about TikTok? Why do these things worry you?”

Well i think a privacy concern is always going to be present, with many apps i feel the same, that my privacy isn’t always really prioritized by the company as much as they say. Another concern is how much adult content is being literally broadcasted to kids under 18 without the guidelines doing anything of it until drastic measures are taken and many people have to report or something drastic just for them to do their job and keep their guidelines true. This concerns me because TikTok was meant to be a kids app, an app to watch funny videos or dance to songs, sort of like a more modern Musically, but its gotten to a point where there’s so much nonsense all over the app now that it makes you wonder if these kids are being swayed to do things they shouldn’t, or if they’re seeing things they shouldn’t be.

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2 Responses to Should the United States Ban TikTok?

  1. AMARI ASANTE says:

    I agree, the amount of adult content on TikTok needs to be regulated, especially for minors.

  2. I was thinking the same way as you until I learned that banning tiktok was not just about the app but about American access to outside factors. The law that they are trying to pass is trying to limit of access to what is happening in the world which would be very worrying. It would be that we would not be able to text people across the continent, to see a tv show, or even have contact with anyone outside of the US unless the government approves of it. After overturn of Roe V. Wade, it seems that we are getting into big trouble.

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