Black Panthers Revisited | Op-Docs | The New York Times – Film Review

This film made me realize a few things. Firstly, law enforcement just had it out for the necks of the members of the Black Panther Party, they exaggerated the kind of threat they were, if any, to the nation, and physically and intimidatingly acted upon such things through violence and verbal aggressions such as degradation of race and role in society and/or the supposed threat they are by just existing. I also learned that within the time of the Panthers, police were basically their rival, they did things like stick their 12-gauge shotguns to the back go their heads while arresting them for the smallest misdemeanors, just for a reason to have a go at them and make their lives even more miserable on top of everything else.

Judas & The Black Messiah – Film Review

This film was an absolute masterpiece to me. I really enjoyed and appreciated the fact that they tried to portray the events of the Panther party accurately and even have the actors resemble their given roles of the Party members, whether it be through appearances or pure amazing acting skill, the filmmakers did an amazing job breaking down and mapping out how life was for the Panthers back then so us or any audience can really grasp how tragic and unfair their conditions were. I think a conclusion I can make about the Black Panther party, to help those that haven’t heard of them understand, is that they were a group of individuals that just wanted to have a fair chance at using their rights as everyone else, and specifically the right of freedom of speech, they wanted a voice. They wanted to be heard and they wanted their message of “Stop the prejudiced violence toward our people” to get through to the outside world and evidently through so much struggle, it was heard by many, and now, that includes you.

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