Who Is Your Favorite Actor?

My favorite actor is YiFei Liu. Her English name is called Crystal Liu. She is the actor for the main character in the Disney movie Mulan. She was born in August 25, 1987 in Hubei, China. She started this career at the age of 15. Unlike other actors who won’t really want to miss any opportunity in participate in a tv show, drama or movies. She is more into looking at what she think is suitable for her, what is challenging and what she had not tried out before. She don’t really go on tv shows and most of her work is movies.

I really like how she knows what she wants. Also she is really hard working and very self-discipline person. For example, in todays society many people spend most of their time in social media and technology. However, according to yifei’s partner during break time instead of checking her phone she would read books and she don’t really take her phone with her. This is what I really like about her and it’s also what I wanted to be like.

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2 Responses to Who Is Your Favorite Actor?

  1. JOSEPH BELLO says:

    I loved the Mulan live action movie, I feel it did a great job of portraying the iconic animated film. She did a great job.

  2. I like the sound of her energy. She is enjoying her life in the way she wants to enjoy it. And I love how she self-disciplines herself. That is something that many of us should do. Social Media can be fun and all, but we should learn to turn off our devices and learn about many new things about the world around us.

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