For my third project I intend to focus on the first project, more specifically the Black Panther Party and Black Lives Matter’s use of media. This is slightly different than my original proposal idea, which surrounded the idea that the way they were individually structured were beneficial to their time period. My message aims to be both informational and a source of encouragement for more activism to come. I would like to make a video which serves as a collection of photos and videos of the Black Panther Party and the Black Lives Matter movement. I would also like to recite some kind of poetry, motivational speech, or other spoken word as background for the photos. I am a bit nervous about finding credible photos as it is a different kind of media that I am less familiar with. However, I am also slightly excited for this new experience and I am entering it with high hopes.

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3 Responses to Proposal

  1. MIA MUNOZ says:

    That sound great, I hope you are able to find all information you need for this project. I’m excited to see the final result and share it in class.

  2. YINELDI DIAZ says:

    I like the way you will be incorporating poems as well, this is something I did not think about, it is a good idea.

  3. Even though im late to the comments for this section in the class, im glad i waited at least until i experienced your poem first hand. While hearing it my chest was actually tensing and i felt every word and knew you meant it and were passionate with every piece of your message, it was easily one of the most heartfelt poems i’ve heard all semester. I know you said something about being a bit scared because it was something different from what everyone else did but there’s a beauty in that itself because it turned out amazing, you should be very proud of yourself.

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