Jason Hernandez. Project 3 proposal

I will be working by myself. My project will be revolving around the first project in the topic of how both the BLM and BPP organizations were affected by fashion or how they effected fashion. I decided to use slides as my medium for the project.

The use of slides as my medium will be affective in bringing visuals towards my presentation. It will help in keeping my audience entertained and give them a better understanding about my topic. This will be different compared to the first project because it will be revolved around the impacts of fashion on both organizations. I will be looking at sources that mainly talks about fashion. My main challenge will be making sure that I am able to make my claim clear and visible and audience. I want to catch the eye of my audience and provide enough information for my presentation. Since fashion is something we visibly see in many different forms, I believe these slides will help create this reimagine statement of my essay. But I also plan on speaking upon other issues besides just clothing and models. or i will try to dive deeper towards the topic of fashion.

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  1. Personally, I believe Powerpoint had a lot of ways to capture the audience’s attention dependent on how its overall structure and image were decorated. Since fashion is also involved in visual effects presenting to the audiences, I think you can show the difference between the two organizations by decorating the slide differently.

  2. EVAN RIVERA says:

    Fashion between to two movements is a very different topic than what people are used to seeing. Using slides is a great way to get a point across using several images at your disposal. Establishing a difference is the most important part I believe, good luck to you.

  3. I find this spin on the message and use of medium very interesting because fashion is definitely a big area of influence that was effect from these two groups and it’s evident as im sure you have portrayed.

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