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Jason Hernandez. Written Reflection

After learning about the impact of both the Black Panther Party and the Black Lives Matter movement, I started to learn more about the different impacts that I never noticed myself. I ran across a article that was talking about the poor Black representation in the Fashion Industry. From reading this article, I decided to research the impacts of fashion of both movements and talk about the current stance of black representation in fashion.

For my project, I thought it would be interesting and fun to talk about fashion. In this current world we live in, fashion is everywhere from stores, advertisements, social media, and even through the people we see everyday as we go through the city. Since a lot of the young people love fashion, the topic of the impacts of fashion of the Black Panther Party would be interesting to talk about. And I believe it is very important for them to know about the true black representation in the fashion industry. This can help bring awareness towards this issue because it is a topic that not many really talk about.

I am using a multi-media method with the use of slides. I want to use slides because imagery can help give the audience a better understanding of what I am trying to convey. And next to the image, I will have text that talks about the image. For when I talk about the uniform of the Black Panther Party, it help to have the images of the clothing. People will be able to recognize the piece of clothing. But with the text of the slide explaining its importance, people will gain a different perspective of the clothing. I will be showing the audience the value of uniform for its purpose and representation.

The importance of multi-media is that it help keep my audience focused and help them understand my research. With just pure texts, people can get bored or simply not understand what is going on. For example when I talk about the black representation in Vogue Magazine covers, not everyone will know what the Magazine is. The use of imagery is a method of adding extra information to who or what I am talking about. As long as the image on slide revolves around the topic that I am currently talking about, then it will be very effective towards my presentation. Besides the image being informative, it is also eye appealing where people will look at the image and listen to the information being told.

The affordance of my choice of media was extra time. I had to go further beyond my original research from my original research. I had to look for multiple images, research more about the uniform of the Black Panther Party, the current stance of black representation in the fashion industry, and the quantitative data that can help enhance my work. After researching, I had to work on the slides and learn about the tools I can use such as animation, the fonts, and the border lines. I had to test out different tools and see how they could improve my entire presentation.

The implication of sharing my work is that I get to spread my findings to others. The same way I was presented about the Black Panther Party and the Black Lives matter movement lead to me learning about the impacts of fashion is the same impact I want to have on other people. People can take a quick look at my slides online and get the general information. This can spark an curiousity for someone that can lead them to make their own further research. As I mentioned before, this is a topic that you don’t really hear anyone talk about. Not even I knew anything about the poor black representation in the fashion industry. Hopefully my slides can bring attention to anyone who wants to learn about it and make their own research towards this.

This was a fun and interesting project for me. I genuinely learned more about the fashion industry and the current issues going on with diverse representation, the impacts of fashion during the Black Panther Party movement, and I got to work on a presentation. I was expecting some sort of final essay. But instead we were given the chance to choose our own medium and work on a topic that we already worked on. I hope my slides can be shown to anyone and help them spark their own interest.

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Jason Hernandez. Final Reflection

Through the 3 major projects of this English course, I was able to develop more on my researching skills. Such as when I found out that Wikipedia can be useful by using the resources that others used for their Wikipedia article. I was always told to never use Wikipedia, so it was shocking to hear it was useful. And as I have to research articles for my papers, I started to analyze multiple different articles. This changed my mindset from usually rushing my search for any sources to now taking my time to analyze different sources. My writing has developed but I still have to practice my skills. I found it very helpful that we could re-submit our projects any time. By re-writing my paper, I was able to avoid the mistakes and understand where I could perform better. I felt more open and was able to demonstrate my best ability in writing and researching.

The project I was most proud of was the creative mix project. I worked on the topic of fashion in both the black panther and the black lives matter movement. I decided on this topic because when I was working on the first project, I encountered a article talking black representation in today’s fashion industry. And I found it shocking to hear the little to no representation of the black community. Then I started to look at the uniform that the black panther party had and I thought it would be a good idea to research about it. I found these articles interesting and researched more about it. I selected the best information I could find so that i could add them to my slides. I felt in my zone and I was able to work on my slides really efficiently.

Although I expressed how I enjoyed working on my third project based on the first one, I was struggling on the first project. I was understanding the assignment and I learned a lot about the black panther party. My issue was writing a whole rhetorical analysis paper about it. My writing skills weren’t the best and they still improvement. But I am glad we have the chance to re-write our papers. Seeing the feedback helped me understand where I went wrong or areas I can develop in. Normally I just receive a grade and it is finalized. But in this course, I received the grade and was able to work on it. I know now that I need to work on my organization and focus on topic. For my next upcoming courses, I will make sure to be aware and more open minded on my writing skills.

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Jason Hernandez. Project 3 Submission

BLM and BPP Fashion Impacts; Slides:

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Jason Hernandez. Project 3 proposal

I will be working by myself. My project will be revolving around the first project in the topic of how both the BLM and BPP organizations were affected by fashion or how they effected fashion. I decided to use slides as my medium for the project.

The use of slides as my medium will be affective in bringing visuals towards my presentation. It will help in keeping my audience entertained and give them a better understanding about my topic. This will be different compared to the first project because it will be revolved around the impacts of fashion on both organizations. I will be looking at sources that mainly talks about fashion. My main challenge will be making sure that I am able to make my claim clear and visible and audience. I want to catch the eye of my audience and provide enough information for my presentation. Since fashion is something we visibly see in many different forms, I believe these slides will help create this reimagine statement of my essay. But I also plan on speaking upon other issues besides just clothing and models. or i will try to dive deeper towards the topic of fashion.

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Jason Hernandez. NY Times Article Student Opinion Response

What is your favorite Spring Memory? What do you feel, taste, hear, and see? 

Whenever spring is here, I suddenly remember those times during my middle school years. I can feel the nice breeze pass by me as I walked towards the area. I can hear those birds chirping everywhere I go. Every Friday, I would go to the park with my friends after school. I feel the warm sun light as I would run around playing with my friends. Whenever I feel the spring weather, I automatically think about those days.

What is special about this memory? 

I wasn’t busy as I am now. Nor were my friends. All we simply did was play at the park or simply just talk with eachother as we laid down on the grass. I can feel my younger self whenever I feel that Spring weather. All those fun moments are suddenly flashed upon me. I miss those days a lot. And I am glad to still be friends with them till this day. We may not see eachother constantly as we once used to, but we get to enjoy our time together every chance we get to see each other.

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Jason Hernandez. Wikipedia Process Journal

Day 1: 

  • I created my account with the username of “This Name Shouldnt Be Taken.” It felt impossible to make a simple username but so many of my ideas were taken.

Day 2:

  • I chose an activist named Adelaida Argüelles who is a Spanish Activist. I thought it would be interesting to read about someone that comes from my own culture. 

I saw that there are online articles about her in spanish. I can read in Spanish, so I think this will help me improve my reading as I work on Adelaida Argüelles for my project.

Day 3:

  • I am looking at different wikipedia pages.
  • First I looked at the one for an anime series named “Naruto.” The page talks about the manga, tv series, video games, spins offs, and the story development. I went over the history page and noticed how there are people constantly making edits throughout the months. There have been some recently this month. There isn’t much on the discussion page, except for a few fans who are taking this article very seriously. Where they set it up for discussions due to technical terms they want to write on the page.
  • I then looked at the video game called Minecraft that has a big community who added different sections such as the game itself, the mods that can be added, cultural impacts, awards, sales, education, and even music. Fans are constantly making edits for it as well. I checked on the discussion tab and saw that there have been copyright complaints and it was even discussed whether or not it should be deleted.

Day 4: 

  • Completed Wikipedia Adventure. Got to learn how to edit, make corrections, view history, and reply to others.

Day 5:

  • Comparing two opposite gendered people on wikipedia.
  • I first looked at Dwayne Johnson and noticed he has a lot of different sections that talk about his careers in life. Such as his college career, wwe career, acting, awards, and his early life. The article has a lot of references towards the bottom. The talk page has people wanting to make edits or add a few more topics. And people are constantly making edits. 
  • Then I looked at an article for Jenna Ortega and noticed how it is less compared to Dwayne Johnson. Here, the article focuses on her acting career only. While Dwayne’s had his college life and early life. 
  • There is alot going on in the talk page where people were discussing simply if the voice sample should be added in the article. 
  • People are still making constant edits for Jenna’s article almost everyday.

Day 6:  

  • Added edit for an web series called “Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared.” I added in the section of Premise, “People theorized that Yellow’s guy name is “David”, especially now with the TV series hinting at it more and more.” 
  • In less than 5 minutes, someone immediately took it off because I didn’t have an reliable source.
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Jason Hernandez. Ten Point Program

  1. More police patrolling around multiple train stops
  2. More government spending towards the community
  3. School programs should be offered more often for students in need
  4. Cheaper medicine for poor communities
  5. People of different groups deserve equal treatment
  6. More awareness of racial discrimination
  7. Awareness of drug usage and how to control this
  8. Equality for the LGBTQ+ community
  9. Higher work pay
  10. More immigration programs
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Jason Hernandez’s Film Review. “The Man who armed the Panthers”

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The Black Panther Party is known for its members to walk around with firearms to demonstrate their rights to hold them. But if there was the government who was against this organization, then how did the members obtain the firearms? … Continue reading

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Jason Hernandez. Interview Questions

Hello fellow reader. My name is Jason Hernandez. I am currently a freshman who is majoring Accounting. Three things that I like about myself are… 1) My odd likings. What do I mean by this? Well an example is if you ask me “Whats your favorite series?” I would answer that it is “Don’t Hug Me I ‘m Scared.” Its a web series that involves puppets learning lessons such as love, food, technology, or even death. But these lessons always take a weird turn where the viewer questions what the main characters are actually being taught. People tend to think that it is a kid show such as Sesame Street, but this series is definitely not a kid show at all. 2)My willingness to try new food. There are food that can sound gross or weird such as chocolate covered crickets or fried chicken guts. But I tend to have an interest to try it. 3)My Drawings. I like to draw cartoon themed drawings on my free time. I am not saying that I am an amazing artist but I am proud with what I can draw. Soon, I plan on developing my art skills towards realistic sketches.

The person I spoke to is from Ecuador. I started to ask her what her favorite music is and she said that is Spanish Music. She likes to listen to multiple different types of spanish music. She also likes to watch netflix series such as “Money Heist.” We also started to talk about how we both took winter classes and sharing our first experience taking a winter course.

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