Final Reflection

This semester, there was a lot more writing than last semester, but it was enjoyable, I learned about new topics that I never heard about before. I liked learning about the Black Panthers Party and its relations with the Black Lives Matter Movement, it was a real eye-opening lesson, and watching the film Judas and the Black Messiah showed everything we read and talked about. Likewise, the Women In Red and Wikipedia project was also very enjoyable and interesting to learn. I never thought there was a good way to use Wikipedia. I always refrained from using it, but after learning about how it can be used correctly, I am not uncomfortable using the site. Even more, learning of this movement called Women In Red was also very shocking, I never thought there was an unequal ground for men and women on the site. I hope the 17% of women on the site can jump up to 45 or maybe 50%, it is very unfortunate that we live in a society where one gender is preferred over the other.

One of my favorite Blogs@Baruch posts/assignments we did was the About Us, Student Opinion. It was very enjoyable to read some of the posts my peers wrote, some were about what song best describes you, another one I read was about one’s favorite actor, and a memorable one is one’s secret to a happy life. All of these topics were enjoyable to read. I wrote about what does your hairstyle say about you when I was searching for a topic, I was questioning myself about my hairstyle, I didn’t know if I wanted to get a new hairstyle, and I was torn between getting a buzz cut, growing it all out into a man-bun, or getting my usual. This topic made me want to research what hairstyle best fits me, I learned about face shapes, and the best haircuts for straight or curly hair, and even picked up a few ideas about color theory. One comment made by Mia showed me that there is no fear of having a new haircut since it can always grow back, and like my friend Ray is going to do, I will definitely also try some new hairstyles this summer.

If I had to think of the most challenging assignment I had to do, it would have to be the Women in Red assignment. The hardest thing was researching and cornering all of my resources and the internet to write about my woman in red. Whenever I tried to research Lula Lowe Weeden, there were a handful of sites that talked about her, while the rest were grave finders/caretakers. I also researched the Baruch Library and found out that there was a collection of poems and bibliographies, the problem was that the book was not able to be found within the library. It was tough to look for information, but nevertheless, I was able to get a nice little bibliography about her. This research paper definitely helped me improve my research capabilities and showed me a different side of Wikipedia, it showed me the bad things and problems it had behind its Talk Page.

Just some last little remarks. I enjoyed the class we had, it was a lot of fun, and these projects were really interesting and noteworthy. I have seen that my writing has improved a little but I still have a long road ahead. I wanted to thank you Ms. Perry for a fun year, and to my classmates too, I would like to thank you for making this 7:55 class a enjoyable one.

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