Project 3 Proposal

For project three I will be working alone. I will be reimagining project 2 with a new medium, I will be doing a slide show. I will be focusing on the life of my woman in red I chose, which is Vivian Lucille Pierce. Through my slideshow I will be diving deeper into her life story and explain how she should be getting the respect which she unfairly does not gain from wikipedia.

I anticipate the change in medium to have a positive effect on delivering the message of her life. I feel as though nowadays our generation and people in general have a much smaller attention span. So, explaining and showing her life within a slideshow with pictures would increase the amount of support or attention it will gain than just an essay. For new material I will be getting images for different subjects which describes Pierces life. I chose this medium because I felt that it would be good to showcase how her life transitioned from her youth to when she was older.

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