Jason Hernandez. Final Reflection

Through the 3 major projects of this English course, I was able to develop more on my researching skills. Such as when I found out that Wikipedia can be useful by using the resources that others used for their Wikipedia article. I was always told to never use Wikipedia, so it was shocking to hear it was useful. And as I have to research articles for my papers, I started to analyze multiple different articles. This changed my mindset from usually rushing my search for any sources to now taking my time to analyze different sources. My writing has developed but I still have to practice my skills. I found it very helpful that we could re-submit our projects any time. By re-writing my paper, I was able to avoid the mistakes and understand where I could perform better. I felt more open and was able to demonstrate my best ability in writing and researching.

The project I was most proud of was the creative mix project. I worked on the topic of fashion in both the black panther and the black lives matter movement. I decided on this topic because when I was working on the first project, I encountered a article talking black representation in today’s fashion industry. And I found it shocking to hear the little to no representation of the black community. Then I started to look at the uniform that the black panther party had and I thought it would be a good idea to research about it. I found these articles interesting and researched more about it. I selected the best information I could find so that i could add them to my slides. I felt in my zone and I was able to work on my slides really efficiently.

Although I expressed how I enjoyed working on my third project based on the first one, I was struggling on the first project. I was understanding the assignment and I learned a lot about the black panther party. My issue was writing a whole rhetorical analysis paper about it. My writing skills weren’t the best and they still improvement. But I am glad we have the chance to re-write our papers. Seeing the feedback helped me understand where I went wrong or areas I can develop in. Normally I just receive a grade and it is finalized. But in this course, I received the grade and was able to work on it. I know now that I need to work on my organization and focus on topic. For my next upcoming courses, I will make sure to be aware and more open minded on my writing skills.

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