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Mission Statement/Editorial Plan

October 8th, 2014 Written by | Comments Off on Mission Statement/Editorial Plan

Business in Brooklyn (BIB) was started to assist underprivileged talents living in Brooklyn. Living in underprivileged areas can often hinder an individual’s growth due to the lack of resources available. Business in Brooklyn exists to educate, empower and equip underprivileged aspiring and existing entrepreneurs as well as those seeking or looking to succeed in their careers. A lifestyle, service blog, Business in Brooklyn offers tutorials, how-tos, what not to do, and mock interviews that serve as resources and tips on starting and growing a small business and choosing the right career.

Entrepreneurship is booming and everyone wants a part in it. Everyone wants to move up the ladder in hopes of being able to live the “American Dream.” The issue is that not many know all that goes into starting a business or what sacrifices must be made to efficiently manage an existing business. The same goes with a career. Many people want a thriving career but may not know the best one suitable for them, or they are currently in careers but feel stagnant. This can be due to many factors. One – people are not knowledgeable about the risks of starting a business and lack the resources needed to begin. In many underprivileged neighborhoods you have all sorts of talents but none can be flourished due to two key factors – lack of knowledge and resources. Two – there is the issue with finding funding. Now in days there are so many ways to receive funds to start a small business other than going to the bank. There’s crowdsourcing, angel investors and more excitingly; contests that giveaway start-up money. But how will people know these things if they are already at a disadvantage? BIB is how. Another factor and sure not the least is having the right team of people. Many go into business as a one-man show but to start a successful business you need a team. It takes hard work and dedication to be successful and without the right people around you, you are heading towards disaster. This is where TBC comes in. Here people will find answers and solutions to normal setbacks that first time entrepreneurs face all for free 99.

Of course there are multiple service blogs that exist that offer information for small business and start-ups but there are none like BIB. Business in Brooklyn will breathe a new and exciting way to learn business tips and we are also offering career advice. Not everyone aspires to be an entrepreneur so why not infuse the two together. Our blog will feature real entrepreneurs who derived from underprivileged neighborhoods in Brooklyn that have existing businesses or are currently starting a business or venture. With this feature our readers will be able to engage in Q&A’s, view videos of interviews and read how these individuals got started. We will also feature workshops, webinars and events that readers can attend to receive live interaction and feedback.

Using multiple streams of social media like our Facebook page, Twitter and Instagram, BIB readers will be able to interact with us daily. Our social media will have links to our posts, Q&A’s, photos, contests and giveaways. It will also inform our readers of upcoming events and projects. BIB will be mobile friendly so that it is accessible from any smartphone device and/or tablet and the iPad.

The goal of Business in Brooklyn is to offer a platform of advice to those who are not privy to specific business and career advice and information. It is to inspire and teach those who are willing and eager and receptive to learning.

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Blog Proposal

September 22nd, 2014 Written by | 1 Comment

My idea for a blog is a business and career advice blog. This blog would be more service oriented. Via this blog I would engage readers by using a raw voice so that I may be as relatable and approachable as possible. This blog will have tutorials, mock interview videos, a gallery of photos, q&a, and what to-dos as well as what not to do. I have experience as a freelance fashion and entertainment publicist and I’m a former small business owner of an event planning company. I have a natural niche for advising people on business, career and life situations, so doing a business and career blog would be ideal for me.

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