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Yes to the Sketch: Becoming a Pantora Bride with Designer Andrea Pitter

November 10th, 2014 Written by | Comments Off on Yes to the Sketch: Becoming a Pantora Bride with Designer Andrea Pitter

IMG_0865Fabric enthusiast, Brooklyn girl, and six years of experience, Andrea Pitter is our November feature for Brooklyn Success of the month. An acronym for her birth name Andrea Tora Pitter, Pantora Bridal is birth to a successful business. The young African-American designer sits with such poise and grace. Her professionalism is displayed effortlessly. She’s what some may call an “old soul.”


As I sit in awe of several beautiful bridal gowns all hand-sewned by the designer, I cannot help but to notice intricate details that each lace, bead and crystal is stitched with. “You should be the elevated version of yourself,” Pitter tells us of every bride on their wedding day. Words of wisdom from the mature designer just flows continuously as she continues, “when you get married you are half of you and half of someone else. That person should elevate you. You elevate each other.”


She humors us as she recalls moments of the brides fittings. they are often accompanied with their  bridesmaids and of course the mother-of-the-bride. “Moms try to pin [the dress], fluff the trains (she chuckles to herself) I just tell them relax, enjoy it.”

Every experience with her brides are different. The process begins with an appointment that includes a very detailed questionnaire. Information like budget, date, type of event, are all pertinent in Pitter designing the right style dress for the bride to be. then there’s the fitting. All appointments are by appointment only so that she can provide the ultimate experience. All curtains are closed so that no passerby’s are able to look into the storefront and distract the bride. It is a very intimate setting. Some brides cry and some are just completely thrown away by Pitter’s ability to capture their vision and make their dream dress into a reality.

Although the young designer says, she’s “not sure” where Pantora Bridal s going she’s “taking it all in stride,” she currently service brides locally and internationally. She’s faced countless moments of failure and advises any aspiring entrepreneur to “just start.”

Pitter likes her experiences with her brides. Brides “comeback and want anniversary dresses. They stop in to say hi.” “they are Pantora brides. they are family.”

They are Pantora Brides

To see more of Pantora Bridal by Andrea Pitter click here They are Pantora Brides and be just as thrown away as her brides.

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