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Social Media Strategy

November 24th, 2014 Written by | Comments Off on Social Media Strategy

Intended Use Of Social Media:


My topic is underground boxing and even though a lot of things like locations are disclosed tp certain people by word of mouth, I think it’s still possible to promote the blog through social media. A way I would promote the blog would be through a twitter account. On that account I would either post a snippet of a video or a photo with a brief description which links to the blog for either the video or slideshows. The point of linking would be to get traffic to the site and have it possibly be retweeted to garner more readership.

Who Will I Reach?

BX Fight Club (@BXFightClub)– They are one of the underground leagues and with the content of their events I would provide, this could lead to connections from within and more views if they promote my projects on their page

Friday Night Throwdown (@FNTXNYC) – This is another league and New York City and the reason for connecting with them would be for similar reasons as the BX fight Club

“Rockstar Charlie”(@CharlieHimmelstein) – He is a popular fighter from FNT who I spoke with and if there is content on him he could possibly direct some of his 11,000 followers to my blog

“Killer Mike”– He is a boxer from BX fight club who I spoke with as well. His followers and fans can be interested in my content if they like him

“Caveman” – He is another popular fighter from FNT who I interviewed and because people who go to these events consistently or become new fans may like him, they may also be interested on a personal piece on him or some highlights. He could retweet a post and it could peak his followers interest

“Manny Pacquiao”(@ICan_IWill) – Although he is still a relatively new fighter from BX Fight Club, he fought his first time at FNT Nov21st, same as killer mike and most likely increased his popularity with his one sided victory. He probably doesn’t have a large fan base but it would better to be one of the first to really cover him and build popularity through one another.

“Staxx”(@Staxx_Juherd) – He is my main source of information. He lets me know where the fights are and what times and when they are taking place. He is pretty popular at Friday Night Throwdown since almost beating Rockstar Charlie. He would have no issue retweeting and posting links on his personal sites to promote my coverage of each event.

Rick (@RickyJims10) – He is one of the more known fighters at BX fight club with over 1000 followers on instagram. A possible interview with him and maybe some content involving him can reach those followers

“Violator” – He is another fighter at BX figh club who many people know, a main event attraction last event, even had 50 cent betting on him to win his fight. My strategy for Rick would be the same strategy I would use here

New York Times – I believe they had some journalist at the last event because FNT is becoming a popular underground scene and they obviously get a lot of traffic to their site. If they like something of mine and put it out there it could only help the blog.

Grantland (@Grantland33)– This is website that doubles as a sports site and pop culture blog. I think it’s a perfect fit because it isn’t as serious as ESPN but it still provides good content. Boxing is a sport but leagues like FNT also have a certain type of pop culture fan base who like to party. I think if Grantland would either retweet, or post a link to my content on their sire, it may be appealing to the type of readers they attract.

Golden Gloves NYC – My main reasoning for including GG is because Rockstar Charlie has fought there before though briefly. People who seen him fight there would be interested to see what he has been up to since.

My Social Media Accounts:

On twitter, I would write a brief description of the borough the event took place, and the fighters names, and include maybe a 30 second clip of a couple of things that happened during the event. There would also be a link to a full video or a slideshow. I would try to post short information on fighters or brief podcasts a couple days a week to fill out layoffs between full videos or slideshows. I would use instagram to post short 15 second clips of event coverage. I would post those frequently because they are short so possible every other day at different times during the day and night to make sure it’s seen by my followers. I would also tag the leagues and fighters involved which can possibly lead them to directing people to my content


Tweets and Headlines:

First Post: Young Harlem Fighter Looking To Take Underground By Storm #Harlem #Boxing #Underground #NYC

Second Post: El Barrio Gym is Closing But Training Resumes #ElBarrioGym #ElBarrio #SpanishHarlem #Harlem #Boxing #NYC #Underground #Training #Workout

Third Post: Yonkers Rapper Jadakiss Lends His Popularity to Start Up Boxing League #Jadakiss #Host #Bronx #BXFightClub #Yonkers #Rap #Boxing #Underground #NYC

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