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Accessorizing with the Remnants of War

December 15th, 2014 Written by | Comments Off on Accessorizing with the Remnants of War

From Bomb To Peace: Article 22’s Peacebomb Collection is on sale at Union Square’s Holiday Market

The Holiday Market at Union Square has been open for less than an hour and already a small crowd, its size comparable to the lines at the more popular cider and doughnut stands, has formed around a tiny stall with only a few pieces of jewelry on display.  Elizabeth Suda greets customers with a smile and wave, confident in her jewelry’s ability to speak for itself but always ready to lend a few words where needed.

Suda is the founder and creative director of Article 22, an organization dedicated to designing “beautiful and meaningful collections that tell unknown stories and give back”.  On display at their stall in Union Square are pieces from Article 22’s first collection, comprised of jewelry crafted from Vietnam-era bombs and dubbed PEACEBOMB.

Pieces of jewelry on display at Article 22’s stall in Union Square

LOVE IS THE BOMB, claims one necklace decorated with a simple metal heart.  PEACE IS THE BOMB, says its neighbor, which sports a small, lightweight rendition of a bomb.  Other pieces are more subtle in their announcements; bracelets are inscribed with messages of hope and peace in thin letters, lightweight spoons claim that “this is not a SPOON”, and most items are decorated with simple metal cubes notable only for their source.


Proceeds from jewelry sales go towards clearing bombs from Laotian land

Customers admire items at the Article 22 stall in Union Square

Customers certainly believe it’s a worthy cause; many listen raptly as Suda explains the philosophy behind her organization while others admire the jewelry with the same quiet respect one usually reserves for items on exhibit in a museum.  One customer flips through a compilation of photographs depicting the Laotian artisans hard at work; another admires a charm bracelet.

“I was going to give this to my niece but my sister-in-law thinks it’s too morbid,” one woman laughs.  “But I’m buying it anyway.”

“You’ll get a lot of different opinions on what people think about these,” Suda says as she rings up the woman’s purchase.  “But as a whole I think it’s generally been really positive.”



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