On Writing

On Grammar and Style

Key Grammar and Style Lessons

The above PowerPoint goes over the following:

  • Punctuating quotation marks
  • Introducing Authors
  • Formatting Titles
  • Faulty Pronoun References
  • Passive Voice

On Brainstorming

UNC Writing Center “Brainstorming”

On Thesis Construction

UNC Writing Center  “Thesis Statements”

University of Illinois Urbana Champagne, The Center for Writing Studies “Writing Tips: Thesis Statements”

Making a Debatable Thesis Statement 

Purdue Online Writing Lab (OWL)  “What Makes A Good Literature Paper”

Writing an Introduction

UNC Writing Center, “Introductions.”

Gallaudet University, English Center, “Guide to Writing Introductions and Conclusions”


On MLA Citation (and Bibliography)

Owl Purdue Online Writing Lab, “MLA Formatting and Style Guide”

MLA Citation Guide (Abbreviated Word Document Version from OWL Website)

MLA Citation Guide (Abbreviated Version from OWL as a page on this cite)