Binary Paper Grading

I will use the following rubrics to grade the paper.   For each of the bold sections I will give you a grade.  The average of the four bold sections will be your total paper grade.  I will use the questions following the bold sections in order to determine what grade you should receive for this section.

Identifying Your Texts, Your Binary, and Your Mess Moment

1- Do you clearly and accurately identify the texts you’re looking at?  You should have the accurate title (capitalized and underlined or put in italics), and you should have the author’s full name.

2-Do you clearly and accurately identify a binary at work in the ONE literary text you have chosen for this paper?

3-Do you clearly and specifically identify a small part of the literary texts that confounds/challenges/puts pressure on the logic of that binary?

Positing a Thesis

4-Do you have a clear and cogent thesis statement that posits a claim about this small moment challenges the particular binary you see at work in this text?   Do you articulate the stakes of this claim?  The stakes should be focused (not about the whole world or about all women, but rather about what this moment of binary troubling might mean for another important part of the text or how we understand one of the major themes of the literature).

Illustrating your Point

5-Do you have specific, relevant, and properly cited examples that illustrate both the binary and the mess moment?

6- Do you follow those examples with compelling and clear explanations of how those examples illustrate the claim you’re making about how the document affects the way we read the novel?

Writing Clearly 

7-Is your paper well written with grammatical accuracy, correct spelling, and syntactically and semantically clear sentences?

8-Can I understand what you’re trying to say? Or does your language deter from my ability to understand your argument?