Honor Code

Cheating and plagiarism (as well as lying or behaving unethically) are serious offenses that hurt everyone including yourself.  For a more detailed explanation of Cheating and Plagiarism, check out Baruch’s policies on Academic Honesty.   You are beholden to all Baruch College policies; below are my specific expectations:

You will comport yourself in an ethical and congenial manner: In class, out of class, in written, verbal and in any other work you are expected to conduct yourself and your work by Baruch College ethical standards of excellence. In addition to cheating and plagiarism (discussed below), I will not tolerate anything less than supportive, responsible, and respectful engagement with your peers and your peers’ work. Additionally if you have a concern with me or some aspect of the class, please let me know either in office hours or email in a respectful manner. I very much want to hear from you, and I will do my best within reason and the limits of course and school policy to respond in an open and dialogic manner.

What You Will Do . . .

You will address your professor, your peers, and your own work/ideas with respect and generous support.

You will give credit when using others’ ideas.  In your speech you will acknowledge when you are building off a class mate or a celebrity’s idea.  In any of your writing (blogs or final papers), you will  properly document your sources and borrowed material using MLA guidelines for integrating and citing quotes and data.

In group work, you will timely, responsibly, and thoroughly complete the tasks your group has assigned you.

In group work, you will make every reasonable effort to attend outside group meetings and be present during group planning/writing sessions.

You will do your own work and make sure any work presented as your work is indeed solely the result of your own work  (with proper citations for any outside references you may have used).

What You Wont’ Do . . .

You will not laugh at, look down on,  or disparage in any way the idea and/or work produced by your classmates.

You will not present ideas or research done by your classmate, your professor, or any copyrighted material as your own.

You will not reference or borrow ideas or research done by others without properly citing that information according to MLA guidelines.

You will not write papers for your classmates.

Your papers will not include any cut-and-pasted material (in part or entirety) from another website or a document authored by anyone other than yourself.

You will not mark a student as present or modify the attendance sheet in anyway.

You will not reproduce or circulate your classmates’ work in any venue outside this class  without expressed consent from  your classmate about what can be shared and in what manner.

In group works, you will not falsely represent your participation in the group, nor will you malign or falsely represent the work of your group mates.


I’m super stressed out with my emotions, job, family, health, and other stuff.  I don’t think I can do the assignment on my own, what should I do?

You should contact the professor and/or an academic adviser as soon as possible.

I am confused about the assignment or how to cite a source, what should should I do?

You should reread the assignment sheet.  If you are still confused, you should contact the professor.

I think someone in our class is cheating, plagiarizing, and/or acting unethically, what should I do?  

You should contact the professor immediately.