Course Policies /FAQs

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1. Grading:

*What is the grading scale for this class?

*Is there extra credit?

*If I get a grade I’m displeased with can I redo the work?

*What’s the most important thing for me to do to get a B+ or higher in this class?

*I’m confused or concern about my grade, what should I do?


2. Class Communications:

*What is the best way to reach the professor outside of class?

* How do I communicate to people in my group?

* If I miss class what should I do?

* What do I do if my internet or computer malfunctions and I can’t access the online materials?


3. Assignments:

*What should I do if an assignment link isn’t working or I can’t open the file for the reading?

*What is the late policy for turning in assignments?

*Can I ask for an extension?

*Can I rewrite an assignment or a paper for a better grade?

4. Attendance:

*How many times can I be absent to class?

*How man times can I be late to class?

*What happens if I exceed the number of allotted absences?

*If I miss class what should I do?


5. Honor Code:

*What is the difference between cheating and plagiarism?

*What happens if I cheat or plagiarize on a paper unintentionally?

*How do I know what needs to be cited?

*What should I do if I suspect that someone else is cheating or plagiarizing in their work?


6. Special Needs:

*I observe religious holidays that conflict with meeting times and assignments; what should I do?

*What should I do if I have a documented learning difference that needs particular accommodations?

*What should I do if during the semester I or one of my dependents experiences a health emergency or a serious crisis that hinders my ability to attend meetings, participate fully, and/or complete assignments?