Post Grading

In General the three main questions I consider in assessing every post assignment are:

1)  Did you provide the material and/or discussion the post assignment asked for?

2) Is your writing clear enough that others can understand and respond to it?

3) Are all your quotes and materials properly cited?

Specifically I will grade posts based on the particular criteria for each post assignment (listed below). You will receive a point for each criteria completed (see below).  There are a total of 21 points available for posts throughout the semester.  Your post grades will be lumped with your quiz grades (as I have added the quizzes as a way to cut back on  your posts).  Your total grade will be assessed by adding the number of points you received from posts and quizzes and then dividing that amount by the number of points you could have total.

BE AWARE:  Late posts lose 1/3 a point for every day late.   ALSO if you do not check the appropriate category box for the post assignment, it will be considered late, and you will lose the 1/3 of the point until it is properly categorized.


Criteria by Post Assignment

For the “Nursery Rhyme/Fable” Posts (2 points)

1–Did you post either a short nursery rhyme or fable in its entirety OR provide us with both a link and a 50 word summary to a longer fable you found elsewhere on the web?

2–Is your nursery rhyme or fable accurately and clearly cited?


For “How to Read Children’s Literature” Post (3 points) 

1–Did you follow all of the steps Nodelman lays out in his suggestion for approaching children’s literature?

2–Is your language clear?

3–Are your quotations accurately formatted/cited?


For “Child as a Site of Adult Desires” Post (3 points)

1–Is your example clearly described and accurately cited?

2– Does your brief 100 word explanation demonstrate that you understand the concept of the child as a societal construction tied to societal beliefs and desires?

3–Is your post clearly written?


For Binary Posts (3)

1—Do you clearly discuss a binary from that week’s reading?

2–Do you use properly cited textual evidence?

3–Is your post clearly written?


For Mess Posts (4 points)

1–Do you identify a binary from one of the last set of binary posts that you find compelling?

2–Do you clearly discuss how a specific and small textual moment in our readings this week (or from last week) challenge that binary?

3–Do you use properly cited textual evidence?

4–Is your post clearly written?


“Racial Innocence” Post (2 points)

1–Did you properly cite your example of a contemporary moment of racial innocence?

2–Did your 2-3 sentence explanation of the text adequately explain what racial/racist ideas are preserved in this text under the guise of childhood innocence?


Early American Post (4 points)

1–Do you properly cite an early American children’s texts from the online archive not already on the syllabus?

4–Is your summary of that text thorough?

3–Do you discuss how a contemporary children’s text (literary or otherwise) of your choosing mirrors or complements this early American text?

4–Is your post clearly clearly written?



Boys will be Girls … Post  (3 points)

1–did you provide a properly cited contemporary example of gender presentation to and/or by children?

2-do you compare this example of gender presentation to one of the examples of gender expression and gender construction in the texts we have read?

3-is your 4-5 sentence comparison of these two examples clearly written?