For a PDF of the schedule, click the following link: Schedule of Assignments 8_29_15

Date Reading Posts Assignments
Monday, Aug. 31 First Class—Introduction to Binaries & Child Messiness
Wednesday, Sept. 2 Klassen, Jonathan. How to Read Children’s Literature. Perry Nodelman and Mevis ReimerIn: The Pleasures of Children’s Literature,14-29 Post a Nursery Rhyme or Fable
Monday, Sept 7 Labor Day How to Read Children’s Literature Post
Wednesday Sept 9 Jacqueline Rose, The Case of Peter Pan or The Impossibility of Children’s Fiction link: Rose-The-Case-against-Peter-Pan  Choose Groups
Monday, Sept. 14  NO CLASSES  Post an example of the child as site of adult desire
 Wednesday, Sept 16 (last day to drop without a W) Lewis Carroll, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland (1865) A: Binary
Monday, Sept. 21 Lewis Carroll, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland (1865) B: Mess
Wednesday, Sept 23 NO CLASS
Monday, Sept. 28 Lewis Carroll, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland (1865)   Work Day
Wednesday, Sept. 30 All of the “Lydia Maria Child and the Development of Children’s Literature” chapter of the Boston Literary History
Monday, Oct 5 Excerpts of James Abbot’s Rollo Stories, Rollo at Play “In The Woods” p 8-32) and “Trouble on the Mountain”  (163-91)Please note, the link will take you to a general page, and from there you must click “original text” in order for the actual electronically scanned book to come up.,”The Truant” 49-52 and “The Truant Boy’s End” 172-6 C: Binary  Project Check In:  Send Link to your group’s site.
Wednesday, Oct 7 Nathaniel Hawthorne’s “The Gentle Boy”Nathaniel Hawthorne’s “Little Annie’s Ramble” D: Mess  Work Day
Monday, Oct 12  No Class Project Check-In: Historical Text Check In
Wednesday, October 14 Excerpts from Uncle Tom’s Cabin (chapter XIV “Evangeline”, chapter XX Topsy,  and Chapter XXIII “Henrique)The Antislavery Alphabet“The Little Slave’s Complaint”,  “The Little Dead Slave”, “The Little Colored Boy,”  “The Negro’s Petition,” “Letter from an Infant Slave,” “Little White Lamb, and Little Black Lamb,” and “The Fugitive”   ALL in The Star of Freedom Alice Expose
Monday, Oct 19 “The Planters Son” and “The Plantation” (not the “part second”)  in The Rose Bud Wreath  Early American Post  
Wednesday, Oct 21 Mark Twain, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer (1876) D: Binary 
Monday, Oct 26 NO CLASS (make up for the Alice Field Trip) -you should still post though if you’re in Group B.
Wednesday, Oct 28 Mark Twain, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer (1876) C: Mess   Work Day
Monday, Nov 2 Group Work
Wednesday, Nov 4  Group Work
Monday, Nov 9(last day to drop with a grade of W) Kemble’s A Coon Alphabet  Work Day
Wednesday, Nov 11 Helen Bannerman, The Story of Little Black Sambo“Raggedy Ann Learns a  Lesson” and “Raggedy Ann and the Washing” Raggedy Ann Stories
Monday, Nov 16 Excerpts from The Brownies Book  (1921-2)Langston Hughes, The Dream-Keeper and Other Poems (1932)
Wednesday, Nov 18 Arna Bontempts and Langston, Hughes, The Paste Board Bandit (1935) [emailed]
Monday, Nov 23 Margret and H.A. Rey, Cecily G. and the Nine Monkeys (1939)Curious George (1941), and Curious George Takes a Job (1947)

Suggested Reading (not required):

June Cummins, “The Resisting Monkey: ‘Curious George,’ Slave Captivity Narratives, and the Postcolonial Condition,” ARIEL: A Review of International English Literature 28.1 (Jan. 1997)

B: Binary 
Wednesday, Nov 25 The Story of Babar: The Little Elephant
Monday, Nov 30 Maurice Sendak, Where The Wild Things Are (1963) A:Mess  Partial Work Day
Wednesday, Dec 2 Harry Potter: The Prisoner of Azkaban

In class:  #IfHogwartswasblackKey & Peele Sketch

Project Check In:  What else needs to be Done list.
Monday, Dec 7 Harry Potter: The Prisoner of Azkaban


“Racial Innocence”  Assignment
Wednesday, Dec  9 Project Day  Work Day

All blog assignments due by Saturday December 12th at noon.

Monday, Dec 14 Project Day Last Day of Classes  Informal Presentation

Professor Survey and Baruch Surveys Due as Extra Credit

All Extra Credit Posts due by Monday, December 14th at 12:30

Tuesday, Dec 15 Reading Day
Wednesday, Dec 16 Beginning of Exams  Projects Due by Wednesday night (aka no later than 7:30 am on Thursday, December 17th)


Group/Self Evaluations Due Friday December 18th at 8pm

Wednesday, Dec 23 End of Semester