Wonderland Project Checklists

General Checklist

Before turning your project in, make sure it has at least all of the following:

1__definition of the binary you’re working with/through in your Wonderland

2__an exploration of how that binary has shown up in the literature we’ve read

3__a timeline (1776-2016) of how this binary has been historically relayed to/through children

4__historical texts (at least 1 per # of people in your group).  Each example should be contextualized with a 100-200 word explanation.

5__contemporary texts (at least 1 per # of people in your group).  Each example should be contextualized with a 100-200 word explanation.

6__Wonderland documents (at least 1 per #  of people in your group).

7__A group Wonderland Manifesto

8__Individual Creative Contributions (from each group member) that help create this Wonderland.

9__Have you properly cited every text, document, piece of artwork that needs to be cited on your cite?


When trying to assess whether or not you have sufficiently completed the timeline and Wonderland Manifesto parts of this assignment, see if you can answer the below questions:

Timeline Checklist Questions

1- Does your timeline start with 1776 and end with 2016?

2-Does your timeline have at least 12 entries on it?

3- Are those entries spaced out (at least 2 for every 5o years)?

4-Do your entries include textual examples and/or well articulated summaries of how this binary was played out to and/or through children at this point in history?

5-Are your examples properly cited?


Wonderland Manifesto Checklist Questions

1-Do you describe your general idea/scenario for the Wonderland World your site creates?

2-Do you clearly articulate the binary your Wonderland is messing with and how it is messing with that binary?

3-Do viewers of your site understand enough of your premise to appreciate the other entries in the site? Do we know how to navigate our way around the site?

4-Do you reference some part of the text of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland as a way of helping you articulate your manifesto and connecting your ideas back to the text?

5-Does the medium (written declaration, video announcement, mural, song etc?) work? Meaning  a) can viewers of the site actually access it and b) does it clearly communicate what you need to communicate?

6-Has every  member in your group contributed a creative component to the construction of the world our manifesto sets out to create?