When is my project due? 
Deadline for projects is Monday, May 2, 2022, 1pm.

Where can I register for Creative Inquiry Online 2022? 
You can register for Creative Inquiry Online 2022 here.

When does Creative Inquiry Online 2022 go live? 
Creative Inquiry Online 2022 will be live on Tuesday, May 10th.

Will there be opportunity for students to answer questions on their posters?
Yes, visitors to the site can comment on students’ projects, and students can respond when appropriate.  To receive posting notifications students should sign up when they register.

How should I name my project file when submitting it on the registration link?
All files submitted using the registration link should be named according to the required naming convention: Field of study.Last name (e.g. Humanities.Garcia)

Where else can I submit my work for publication? 
You can publish your work with CUNY Academic Works, the International Conference of Undergraduate Research (coming soon!), and other opportunities found here!