2014 Highlights

Creative Inquiry Day Program 2014

Creative Inquiry Day Awards 

Andreassi Prize in Psychology

  • Maryam Gooyabadi and Mike Yaniv, Gender Identification: Do Men and Women Differ in Their Intent to Pursue Math Based on How Well They Identify with their Gender? (Mentor, Professor Catherine Good

Weissman Prize in Arts and Humanities

  • Eunji Kim, Piano Quintet No.1, (Mentor, Professor Philip Lambert)
  • Sammy Kwon,  Ozwald Series, (Mentor, Professor Suzanne Dell’Orto)

Weissman Prize in Natural Science

  • Lukasz Bogdan, A Theoretical Investigation of the Effect of Quantum Tunneling in the Tunneling in the Myers-Saito Cyclization of Cyclonona- 1,2,3,7-Tetraen-5-Yne (Mentor, Professor Edyta Greer)

Weissman Prize in Social Sciences

  • Kamelia Kilawan, Do Kali Temples Empower Indo-Caribbean women in the Hindu Diaspora? (Mentors: Professor Carla Bellamy and Professor Ralph Blumenthal)

School of Public Affairs Prize

  • Desiree Joy Frias, Expanding Access to Pre-K: Affordability, Effectiveness and Impact, (Mentor, Professor Joselyn Muhleisen)

Zicklin Prize in Business

  • Students in Real Estate 3800: Adam Brolewicz, Noah Cooper, Marina Elias, Alejandro Espinosa, Dmytro Garazha, Shelby Hakimian, Alem Kosovac, Nadia Manernova, Ryan Miller, Steve Morris, and Jonathan Pivovarov, RECLAIM H2O, (Mentor, Professor Salvador Rozenberg)