What is CUNY Academic Works?

  • A service to preserve and make widely available the research, scholarship, and creative works produced by the CUNY community.
  • Content in it is freely available to everyone, and if someone searches your name or research topic using Google, it’s likely your work will be in the search results!
  • Once a work is posted to CUNY Academic Works, it cannot be changed or removed. Please check with your faculty advisor to see if there are any issues with sharing your work online. 

How do I upload my work?

  1. Notify your co-authors (if there are any) about your intent to upload the poster
  2. Create a new account using your Baruch College email and a password of your choice at: https://academicworks.cuny.edu
  3. Select “Submit Research” on the left side of the page (in the “Author Corner” section) and then select “Publications and Research” for Baruch
  4. Read and accept the Submission Agreement. This agreement does not alter your copyright or any rights you have to your work.
  5. Provide information about you and your work (title, co-authors, etc.). Be sure to include the following sentence in the “Comments” field: This poster was presented as part of the 2021 Creative Inquiry Day at Baruch College.
  6. Upload your poster file (must be a PDF)
  7. Select “Submit.” Your submission will go live within 48 hours, after approval.

For help or more info, contact: 
Prof. Stephen Francoeur