RFID is similar to NFC which is Near field communication which allows for close contact transfers of information.

Where RFID just requires the radio frequency, NFC requires a touch and is a bit more secure as sensitive information cannot be picked up so readily as being in range with RFID.

NFC can and has been put into phones, credit cards and keycards. NFC has more personal and social applications. Sharing contact information with a bump, file share without fragile hard drives and payment without cash and bulky wallets.

NFC was developed in 2002 and has been slower to enter the market than RFID. However, this year Google has made an attempt to kill off the NFC cheaper solution of QR Codes, to make a strong push for NFC enabled smart phones. Many electronics companies say they are on board but really only one smart phone boasts of it’s use and DAMN Digital in Brooklyn has yet to make how to videos on how the technology works so that consumers and participate.

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