Why Business SEO is Important

The importance of business SEO is more than a buz term in today’s tech/cyber driven paradigm 

Danii Oliver, 2012 BlogWorld Speaker “Blogging to help Business SEO”

As a practitioner I do not claim to be an expert in a technology that changes every 6 months. But I have been an everyday participant for the past 5 years and have learned and experimented with various techniques to achieve set goals and then some.

When it comes to understanding how to better SEO for your business I find it best to correlate the differences between yesterday’s thinking and today’s “The Old School Versus The New School.”

In the past we followed family tradition and practiced the same trade our fathers performed. Today we have rebelled from tradition and found our own paths; with that we must build up trust in our chosen professions and new business names.

I’ll share this story…

At one point in Brooklyn, Allen’s bakery was “THE” Caribbean bakery in all of New York. It was the one place you’d go to for patties, currant rolls, fresh sweet bread and cakes for all occasions. Even if another bakery was around Allen’s was the first thought.

Allen’s bakery was passed on to a family member and was expected to continue the same way it had for 20 years. However, more and more bakeries have been established and Allen’s just isn’t what it used to be. A great pitfall now, it that when it comes time for an occasion, potential customers of any bakery are left to close their eyes and play “Innie Minnie Miney Moe”.

What they will end up selecting is the business with the most information available to them when they need it or the business with the biggest Ad. Thus in this new school era it is imperative to be open and release information about your business. Information such as, “What are its competencies and how does it address the needs of customers?”. The more information available the more trust will be instilled.

SEO is simply “putting it out there”
Stop being private it’s time to bragg!

Creative Technologist Danii Oliver is co-founder and Chief Digital Officer of interactive agency DAMN Digital Studio. As a multi-media designer and developer, with almost 15 years of experience, Danii has worked for companies such as WPP, MACY’S.com, the Medical Knowledge Group, The New York Times and more, consulting on digital technologies, flash applications, and mobile projects. Danii co-leads DAMN Digital developing mobile apps, multi-touch interfaces, ultra screen projections, interactive walls, kiosks and, 3D and holographic interfaces for clients.

In this BlogWorld presentation on “Blogging to Help Business SEO” Danii Oliver will discuss how and what to blog to help SEO. Having her knowledge and reputation precede her through keen SEO, Oliver will show how to hone in your blogging to help boost your business’s SEO; tips and tricks for DIY SEO. Information has many formats with which to be shared if your not sharing your not present in the industry you belong to.

Track: Social Media Business Summit
Session: Blogging to Help Business SEO

Company Site: http://aboutdamn.com 
Website/Blog: http://daniioliver.info 
Twitter: @daniioliver
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/flasholiver
Linkedin: http://www.linkedin.com/in/daniioliver


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