7c’s of Website Design

7 Design elements of Customer Interface

Context: Sites’ layout and design
Content: Text, pictures, sound and video, that WebPages contain
Community: The ways sites enable user to user communication
Customization: Site’s ability to self -tailor to different users or to allow users to personalize the site
Communication: The ways sites enable site to user commendation or two way communication
Connection: Degree site is linked to other sites.
Commerce: Site’s capabilities to enable commercial transaction

Purpose and frame of reference. Look and feel  

Offering mix – a mix of different things message board, shopping, music sales. Links on sites that are relevant to the context and purpose. Buy clothes to go camping, talk to others who have gone and book a trip to go

Appeal mix- communications and ads target
Logic vs irrationality.
Cognitive realistic
Emotional not functional, makes you feel another way, reminds of other things
cognitive- front page promotion, gift suggestion or emotional –emotional ties stories, novelty,

Multimedia mix- audio text video pictures graphics


The Do Collection:
City Life, Riding the train, Lounges Clubs & Bars, Playing Pool, Bowling, Catching a movie

Time sensitive and non
Bloomberg: needs to be changed always. No shelf life a constant work in progress
REI: tips from experts, information that will never change. Less times sensitive and has a long self life

Customer generated customers and following . Customer generated content.
Customers get to do what they want update the site and Parent company benefits.
Lowers service marketing a customer acquisition costs.

Personalization vs Tailoring
personalization by the customer vs tailoring of a site to meet customer preferences

Broadcast, Interactive and Hybrid
Broadcast – mass mailings, news feeds, marketing material, content update notification
Interactive- user input, customers service, e commerce dialogue
Hybrid – combines both thus giving you something like CNN.com they broadcast news stories and users can comment and possible have mentioned on air. Or YouTube users broadcast and viewers provide video and text feedback



User-centered interaction design

As new technologies are often overly complex for their intended target audience, interaction design aims to minimize the learning curve and to increase accuracy and efficiency of a task without diminishing usefulness. The objective is to reduce frustration and increase user productivity and satisfaction.

Interaction design attempts to improve the usability and experience of the product, by first researching and understanding certain users’ needs and then designing to meet and exceed them. (Figuring out who needs to use it, and how those people would like to use it.)

Only by involving users who will use a product or system on a regular basis will designers be able to properly tailor and maximize usability. Involving real users, designers gain the ability to better understand user goals and experiences. (see also: User-centered design) There are also positive side effects which include enhanced system capability awareness and user ownership. It is important that the user be aware of system capabilities from an early stage so that expectations regarding functionality are both realistic and properly understood. Also, users who have been active participants in a product’s development are more likely to feel a sense of ownership, thus increasing overall satisfaction. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Interaction_design

How the site links to other sites.
Sites content can link to other sites. This new content can be placed in the same site to retain attention on site or be a path way out of the site.

Features of the customer interface that allow you to buy and trade online.
All e-com sites should have – Registration to store information, Preferences, Shopping Cart to hold items, Security, Instant Credit Card approval, Order tracking, Delivery Options.
Affiliate link transactions databanks.

“Fit and Reinforcement
Fit – How the 7c’s individually support the business model
Reinforcement – How they all tie together.

All elements should work together to reinforce what they are selling.  They should reinforce the value proposition

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