Self Hosted Blogs are BEST!

Why self hosted blogs are 100% safer than free blogs like social media sites.

This video explains a great deal about why social media sites like Facebook may not be the best option as your main blog or publishing engine. What you post may no longer be your own or as private as you might thing. The privacy factor makes these sites great as distribution  and syndication networks but having your own Copy protection through a self hosted solution is the best option to protect your claims on your content.

Points to consider:

  • Be smart, build your brand with your own controls and use Social Media for you SEO and syndication.
  •  If you blog privately you never have to worry about your content being archived or being used to ruin your reputation.
  • Self publishing gives you control over your SEO, your content creative and copyrights.
  • Use Social Media wisely, you wouldn’t blast a private phone conversation over a PA system would you? Don’t do it with Social Media either.
  • Remember Social Media is Media for the masses. No part of Social Media is private. 

View Video Here: “Privacy in Social Media” – TheNew York Times Student Speaking Contest.


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