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Marketspace Matrix

Relationships are defined as a connection b/w firm and its customers. It can be based on either logic(realize customers simply can’t get product elsewhere) or emotion. Buyer-seller relationships are based on exchange where each party expects or demand value for … Continue reading

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Web Metrics

Server Log – stores information when requested from a site . Record kept at the server level that records each file requested from a Web site. Coded page – A technique in which a small image, usually a 1-pixel transparent … Continue reading

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Produt factors that affect diffusion of innovations -relative advantage -compatiblility – complexity -divisibility – communicability   Customer Awareness Exploration Adoption Internalization Consumer adaption – awareness -> interest ->evaluation -> trial->adoption-> internalaization Didussion -> innoaion , early adaptors, early majority, late … Continue reading

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Marketing Automation

 I cannot think of any specific encounter in which information or knowledge clearly improved your interaction with a human agent. Knowing less than the human agent keeps the interaction simple because knowing less than the agent can’t lead to dissatisfaction. … Continue reading

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