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Baruch Update

Oh no! Freshman seminar is almost over! ): It sucks to know that because it was probably the only class I enjoyed going to except for being the earliest class of my week. I really liked that it was really small instead of a huge group. Baruch has been a lot of ups and downs so far. Though mostly it reminds me a lot of how things were like in high school for me there’s a different aura of being in college now that is really fun. The professors are really helpful except for maybe a few that I still need to learn to catch up with. I’m still not used to how different their teaching and learning methods are like even though it’s been a couple months already. I really like study groups and the help from the people I’ve met. I’ve even met someone from my middle school that I never knew back then. I also really like the clubs, the three day weekend every week, and the dollar pizza for lunch. I can’t wait to meet more people and learn different things. Hope we all still keep in touch! (:

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Scenario: Your professor gave you a B-

Hello Professor,

I have a question with regards to my grade that I received in your class this semester. According to my own records I haven’t received a grade lower than an A- and have been actively participating in class discussion. Which leads me to think that an error has occurred in my grade.

I was wondering if we could set up a conference to settle this possible confusion. Please feel free to contact me I would really appreciate it. Thank you for your time.


Samantha Ma

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What I think about myself never seems to stick to one characteristic. ¬†You can say I’m weird but I’m proud of that. Being “normal” feels so plain and boring in a sense that I would rather be spontaneous, loud, and carefree. This is completely different to how I was maybe 2 years ago. Back then, you would probably know me as the girl in the class that never says a word, or the girl that keeps to herself on the subway, but in general the tiny little Asian girl in the back. On the other hand, now I might still be the girl in the class that never says a word here and there, my voice is heard, I am super loud on the subway with laughing and talking. In general nowadays I’m the tiny little Asian girl that laughs a lot.

In a way I was always an upbeat hyperactive girl, but it used to be only to the people that I’ve known and grown comfortable with after a while. Over time, I have been able to be that with more and more people and even people I haven’t met before in my life as an icebreaker. I guess I have grown to be more open and though I may come off to people I first meet, as a bit strange I feel like I can be remembered as such instead of something worse. I’m very random; I have short attention spans on some occasions. I could be telling a story and if a cute dog or squirrel passes by or something behind the person I’m talking to happens my attention would go of immediately. I really like shiny things and heart shaped stuff too! As you can tell my attention span while writing this monologue is going off a little as well. What else is there to mention? i like to cook/bake, play sports, draw, explore, get lost, anything. I am definitely accident prone, a ball magnet, clumsy, etc. I seem to get hurt every single day; could be major or a little bump but at least once a day. Whenever there is a ball tossed around anywhere near me, even if I am in a group of people, that ball will find its way to hit me. I was hit by a football, volleyball, handball, soccer ball, and a snowball. Probably the only ball that has not yet hit me is a baseball, let’s hope not. I guess to conclude it all is that i’ a girl that just like to have fun, be random, be crazy, be silly but also know to be serious, be considerate of others but definitely to have fun!

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community service

I feel like at least one time in everyone’s life one should take part in some sort community service. I hear some of my friends not want to take part in walks or volunteering because they don’t have the time. But really most of the time, helping out could be done but that free time is taken up by hanging out, playing games or elsewhere. I might not be the most active person doing community service but I have contributed some of my time here and there. Around my sophomore and junior year, I joined my friends who were in our school’s key club to the breast cancer walk for both years. It was pretty fun to just walk with my friends through central park in addition to overall helping with the cause. It may not be a soup kitchen kind of help but I have volunteered at a tutoring place near my house for kids ages 5-13. Also with my dance crew, we would dance anywhere there could be a big group of people and just be silly to make someone’s day better. One time especially though, we went to a senior center to just put on a mini show just for the fun of it not really expecting anything in return. It was more practice for us and entertaining for everyone else.

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club fair

yeah kinda late but anyhoo. went down there and saw that there was a LOT of people and music which made me want to dance now and then while i was walking. i saw a lot of clubs were giving out candy and foods and some of the clubs were really interesting. i found a dance team that i’m planning on trying out for. it was pretty cool that there were competitions too. i really wanted to take a balloon! it sucked that i left before the dougie competition lol but i wanted to find out where the dance studio was so i could go one time.

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Who do you think you are?

Well, my name is Samantha Ma. I’m a daughter, sister, friend, dancer, and I would say everything in between. I don’t exactly have a special talent; like playing an instrument, or can do something amazing that makes me stand out from everyone else. On the other hand though what I feel like I strive to be is just someone that’s there for others. I feel like I usually put others close to me first then myself second. I’m super hyper most of the time and you will most likely find me laughing any time of the day. I like to see people have a good time after a long day so I usually take on as an entertainer for a smile. I like to sing, horribly but passionately. I like to draw and write stories in my free time. And, I just recently joined a dance crew, Unique Movement!

Baruch is a really competitive school and my main concern is managing my time well enough that when the workload starts to pile up on each other. It’s going to be a different studying habit that I will need to make because I’m used to procrastinating but still be able to pass. Now it’s all different subjects that I would need to keep up with. Also each test, quiz and project are important to my grade. Usually I’m used to if you don’t do well on a test you could still be able to boost up your grade with extra assignments my teachers give. So far i don’t think the professors I’ll have would do the same. I’m concerned with how the professors are teaching in a way that I need to learn most of it on my own. Also there’s not much of really homework that needs to be done but a lot of reading and research that I need to do on my own. Another concern is having to keep track with the work i need to do and also the more technology Baruch uses to keep in touch with everything i’ll need to get used to.

My high school experience compared to Baruch is actually REALLY similar, just with maybe a little differences. I went to Brooklyn Tech and I am too familiar with the great amount of people and the commute. Also there’s a lot of my classmates that i knew from Brooklyn tech at Baruch too. I also had to swipe in to get in the building, the turnstiles was new though. What would be greatly different is the learning experience and the way the professors go along through their curriculum.

Honestly i think my first year at Baruch feels exactly like a fifth year coming out of Brooklyn Tech. But i have a feeling my studying habits will change greatly through this year. And since it’s also a big school I’m sure I’ll meet new people every day.

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the library

Well so after reading Mordi’s post with the whole sociology input I feel like mine would be like a bummer to read because it would just be like the library was cool. lol WELL anyhoo, the library was cool. I think it’s the only library I know of that has a spiral staircase and I LOVE spiral staircases! It was probably the first thing I noticed once I walked right in. It literally distracted me when I needed to look for a book that day. Well, so moving on! Yeah, I’m get pretty distracted when I’m on blogs especially after I found out about tumblr. But LIBRARY! I thought the study rooms would be really convenient especially when tests and papers start to come one after another. The borrowing of laptops seem pretty cool too, especially if I wouldn’t want to bring mine one day I could still have one on hand for a couple of days even. The chairs look really comfy too, I already fell asleep one time on one of my breaks! I guess that’s about it, I really think the library was really cool, going to be very useful and HUGE! Don’t forget about the spiral staircase too!

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