Community Service

I’ve been doing several community services throughout high school and I have learned a lot of things you can’t learn in school. The one community service I was involved in the most is called KOTO (Know One Teach One) which is a NPO for street kids in Vietnam. I taught the kids who are similar age as me English and Japanese. Through the interaction with them I realized that they appreciate every single thing they receive; from clothes, food, teachers teaching them lessons and so on. The kids taught me I should be thankful for what I have as I am not satisfied with what I have and try to get more. Just by hearing the words thank ¬†you made my days and made me want to help them even more.

Another community service that I have done is called Operation Smile, which started from the states. Operation Smile mostly helps children who were born with cleft palletes and give them free surguries so they obtain nomad lips and are able to eat and suck liquids. Other than cleft palettes, Operation Smile helped people who were severely burnt in Vietnam. When I was in Vietnam, I went on a 3 day trip to the south to help doctors with their surgeries for adults, babies and kids who were burnt all over their bodies and faces. It was shocking and painful to hear all the stories of how they got burnt; but when I saw the patient’s and their families’ smiles and satisfaction after the patient received a successful surgery, there was nothing more to say. I admire the work the doctors have been doing for people who are in need and it made me want to help others who need support from others. So after all, I believe community service not only helps the people who need a helping hand, but also grows yourself into a new person with more knowledge, caring thoughts and a warm heart

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