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Last Post ='(

Sucks that we only got one more freshman seminar class. This class isn’t really like a class, it’s more like a get together and chat thing. It’s fun and all except for the parts when Karen asks us the question of the week, and we have to think. We should have a party and maybe even take some pics. O=
So. I like Baruch. My experience so far in Baruch has been pretty good. All this free time to just hang out and classes that aren’t too hard. The thing i have about Baruch is that it’s a “vertical campus.” If by vertical campus they mean it’s a vertical building, then all other colleges also have vertical campuses. o.o” “Vertical Campus” seems like just an excuse to cover up the fact that they don’t really have a campus which kinda sucks. Other than that my experience at Baruch has been pretty fun, just meeting new people and chilling during club hours.

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Formal Email

Hello Professor,

I am writing to you with regards to yesterday’s midterm. I was unable to attend class yesterday because my grandfather had collapsed and I was the only one who was able to bring him to the hospital. I’m sorry for the inconvenience, but can you allow me to make it up?

– Lawrence Kuang

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My Monologue.

Yo. I know most of you, but I guess there’s one or two of you I don’t really know, so I guess I’ll tell you guys about myself. My name’s Lawrence. I’m a freshman at Baruch College, graduation from Brooklyn Technical High School. I live in Brooklyn. I play a lot of sports; tennis, handball, volleyball, but I’m always up for learning other sports. I work out a little bit. I spend like 10-20mins on my hair every day, unless I get really lazy and decide to just leave it down for the day, looking like a mushroom. I think I’m kind of funny. I say “I think” because I don’t really know. I never really met myself. It’s not like I can just be like
“Hello Lawrence.”
“Hello, nice to meet you.”
“Wanna hear a joke?”
“What’s Beethoven’s favorite fruit?”
“I dunno.”
“Oh. (Laughs) I get it. You funny.”
“Oh. Thank you.”

So I am afraid of the dark. I remember my friend back in Junior High School said, “People are afraid of the dark because they always imagine the worst possible thing.” When I thought about it, yea its true. Just recently, I wanted a cup of milk, so I went to the fridge and took out a gallon of milk, and you know the gallons have a small cap on top? Yeah so I put it on the counter and turned around to get a cup. All of a sudden, the cap just pops out and goes up to around 3 feet in the air. I was like WTF. As I was turning back around, I was telling myself all kinds of scientific explanation to make myself not scared. “Don’t worry Lawrence, Don’t worry. The room temperature is much warmer than the temperature of the gallon, so the pressure inside the gallon increased to an extent that it can make the cap fly up 3 feet.” Yea. I didn’t work. I was scared, like crazy.
School’s alright. Nothing special. It’s almost exactly what I expected it to be except for the fact that I don’t get much homework. I’m a gigantic procrastinator. I don’t procrastinate till the last minute, I procrastinate till the last second. This monologue that I’m reading right now, I didn’t do it last night, I did it this morning. I thought this habit would go away after I got into college, but it didn’t

I guess I’m running out of time, so I guess I’ll mention a little bit about each of the free writing exercises we’ve had. Winning games, hanging out with my friends,  and my girlfriend make me happy. Friends, family, and my girlfriend are important to me. I haven’t gone to a library outside of school for a very long time. I’ll be using the Newman Library for research and homework purposes. I like my personality, my physique, my brains, and my curiosity. I don’t like my hair. I identify myself as a competitive, intelligent, lazy, hardworking person. Some people say I’m obnoxious. I have no idea where they get that from. My roles in life are lil bro, good child, curious student. School’s fine, procrastination is my biggest challenge and I enjoy the lack of homework.

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Community Service

Community service is a great thing to do. It doesn’t take much out of the volunteers but what they do to help or give means a lot to those who aren’t as capable for any reason. I’ve done a few volunteer events on my own and I also did some volunteering for a club back to highschool for key club. We would go to walks, like the annual aids walk in central park, and other walks such as Arthritis Foundation Walk and the Jingle Bell walk. Just walking with some friends and meeting some people was fun to do. Also while I was rushing for a fraternity, we had a philanthropy event, called “Meals on Heels,” where we would deliver food to the elderly whom were unable to go out to get their own food. I felt good about helping people and it was a good experience.

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Club Fair

It was pretty interesting. All the clubs n stuff and all the food. Like honestly, i signed up for some of the clubs just for the food. One club was giving our apple pies…who can resist. =). But i also signed up for some of the clubs like archery and some online gaming club.  There were a lot of clubs and there was even a competition for one of em. Who could do the most push ups was the only one i saw. One guy cheated and he won. Not cool. The asian guy shoulda won for those who saw it. So overall the club fair was fun.

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Who do I think I am?

This is such a broad question.

If you cannot read the smaller font under the title of this post, my name Lawrence Kuang. I am a guy, a younger brother, an intelligent student, a well mannered son, an athletic, but lazy person. If you look closely, my right eyelid is actually lower than my left eyelid so sometimes my eyes would be like this O.o . Also some of my friends say that I have double eyelids as opposed to single eyelids, but the problem is that I’m too lazy to actually open my eyes wide enough for others to notice that I have double eyelids. I honestly don’t know if this is true or not, but it’s an interesting thought. At times I have these motivational bursts. Like when I got a guitar, I couldn’t wait to play it and hurry to become really good at it, but the problem is that these bursts don’t last very long. After a month or so I just stopped playing the guitar and now it’s just collecting dust until the next time I get another motivation burst. I like math. I like to analyze math stuff and solve difficult problems, which makes me pretty upset that I don’t have to take math this semester, since I finished BC Calc in high school. During orientation they told me that for business majors calculus is the highest level of math I need to take. That sucks.

One of my concerns about my freshman year of college is what I should do during my 2hour break on Tuesdays and Thursdays. The last couple of weeks I’ve been rushing for a fraternity, but since that’s over now, there isn’t much to do for 2hrs. The Tuesday of this week I studied for a Sociology quiz, but what should I do today? Another concern is my time management. For example this post, I wrote it at the last minute because I forgot all about it. I need to really manage my time better.The third concern is staying awake during my lecture classes because it’s not easy. The professors don’t really care what you’re doing since there are more than 100 people in the room, so even if I do fall asleep the professor isn’t going to say much. It’s hard to stay awake at times knowing that I can fall asleep. But I try not to. It’s hard.

Baruch College gives me more independence to do stuff. In high school it’s just class after class with 5minutes to get to the next class and there’s lunch, but I was pretty much confined by the fact that I have to stay within the school where there isn’t much to do. In college I could go to the basement and workout, play handball or even just go outside and chill during my breaks. I just need to find out what to do during my breaks.

The first year of college will change me by making me a better student. (I ran out of words and I no longer want to think. Win-win. This doesn’t count by the way.)

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The Library.

The library is a pretty cool place. Throughout the week I’ve been there a couple of times. I went there to rent books and in between classes I went there to sleep. The sofas are like really comfortable especially if you use two. It’s like really quiet there too, so it’s perfect for reading and stuff. At home, there’s always something distracting me from reading, so the Baruch library is perfect for that kind of stuff.

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