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My experience at Baruch so Far

So far it’s pretty good. I’m still meeting new people and having new experiences.  I’m working on my lateness problem, and had to drop pre cal because of it. I’m worried about getting a bad schedule next semester because I’m registering so late. Finals are coming and I’m a little scared… But after finals are done, there’s a really long break in between semesters … Yay 🙂

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I am a student at Baruch that plans to major in Business. I’m a Brooklyn Tech graduate. I’m not a morning person. I oversleep alot. I’m scared of failing classes at Baruch and getting a bad GPA. I love drinking coffee in the morning but recently decided to stop. I like chocolate chip cookies and red velvet cake. I like seafood and eating out. I enjoy hanging out with friends. I like visiting new places. I don’t like spiders.

College is similar to high school. Everyone always pushes to get into the elevators.  I easily lose track of whats going on. I fall asleep after like 5 minutes of reading textbooks. I like it when teachers curve tests. Thursdays are my new Fridays. I have a 3-day weekend.

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Email to Professor (C to B-)

Dear Professor Getzen,

I am concerned about my grade for Study Guide #1.  I can clearly see that my original grade of 8.0 was changed to 7.5. I think I deserved the B- and I want to inquire on why there was white out over it.

With the best regards,

Kriss Ramjattan

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Community Service

I think community service is a wonderful way for people to contribute to the less fortunate. Helping the community through cleaning parks, planting trees, and donations, is generally said to bring a sense of purpose to many people. I was told that community service also looks good on resumes. Although in high school I was told I was required to do at least 55 hours of community service to graduate, I didn’t attempt to do any myself.

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The Club Fair

The club fair was quite boring with nothing in particular of interest. The highlight of the event was eating the chocolate shaped camera, given out by the photography club and meeting a few classmates from high school. I will continue to look for a club or fraternity that interests me.

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Who I think I am

I’m a student, son, and Brooklyn Tech graduate. I like to hang out with friends, go shopping, and sleep.  I enjoy eating seafood and like desert.

I’m a little worried about slacking off. I tend to procrastinate at the worst times. I’m concerned about the 2.25 GPA cutoff for the Zickin School of Business. My classes also start quite early, as soon as 8:15 on Mondays and Tuesdays. In my last year of high school I was late for an 8:45 class almost every day.  I also have a two and a half hour break every day.  I currently do last minute work during my break, but with the intention of better organizing my time, I wonder what I’m going to be doing for that long.

While the freedom to leave between classes already makes the Baruch experience quite different from my high school experience, I get the same feeling as I did in high school. I’m worried that my first semester is going to be a repeat of high school. I tend to the bare minimum needed for passing and not my best. In class, teachers lecture and many do not care if students are asleep or distracted. The homework consists mainly of reading the textbook and I know it can be quite easy to get lost under a backlog of work and be unprepared for tests.

I think by the end of my second semester at Baruch, I hopefully will have better organization skills, stop procrastinating, and consistently go to the gym.

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the Newman library

Overall, the library seems like a good place to study. The study rooms could be quite useful during finals week for last minute cramming . The library also seems like a good place to finish last minute homework, with laptops available to rent, and copy and printing facilities. The sofas appear to be quite comfy for getting a nap in between classes. The staff is also very helpful.

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