Sep 11 2012

things about jie

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Sometimes the weather is my mood. When it’s raining, I would be depressed. When it’s sunny I would be happy. I love spring, not too hot or too cold. Spring is the time when I would be most active, I would spend most of my times outdoor playing handball and hanging out with friends. Many people prefer going to Starbucks for a drink after exercise. Well not me. My first choice would be bubble tea, especially ones from Kung Fu Tea or Tearffic.  Sweet, creamy, cold tea, and chewy bubble in the summer. In the winter they would have hot drinks. During my free time I would Skype with friends and play computer games like league of legends, we would even yell at each other if someone messes up. Other than computer games I would also read books. I’m really picky about books I read, I would spend hours in the library just to find an interesting book that would sometimes last shorter than the time I spent finding it.


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  1.   DDeCrescenzo-froon 14 Sep 2012 at 3:23 PM

    Jie — sounds like you should relocate to California! Lot’s of sunshine and warm weather. Stay away from Seattle 🙂