Slide Show About Me!

Jenny Wu on Sep 19th 2012

The first picture is a picture with one of my students! I always end up looking frumpy when I take pictures with them but at least my student looks cute!  I love  all my students and I wished i could have posted a picture of my whole class but I don’t have one.

The second picture a drink I usually get from this bubble tea place called Hi Tea. I go there all the time because it’s so comfortable inside, the people are nice, and free WiFi so why not?  Can you guess what this drink is?

The third picture is a picture of me and my coworkers! I love them all!

The fourth picture is Caesar’s Bay.  I go there all the time.  In the morning, afternoon, night, whatever time.  I go nearly everyday in the summer. It’s so beautiful there!

The fifth picture is me derping around at 1am at the movies, as you can tell I’m like the only one there.  I always go to the movies with my friends.  We go at least once or twice a week but watching movies at night is my favorite because i get ALL those seats to myself.

The sixth picture is a captain america action figure I found by the windows when i was shopping.  I really wanted to take it but if the kid comes back to get it he’ll be sad it’s not there :[. But I’m a HUGE fan of superheroes.   Iron Man is my favorite Marvels superhero and Batman is my favorite DC superhero.  Yes, Batman IS a SUPER hero.

The seventh picture is a bento box that I got.  My meals are not always so fancy but i eat out sushi at least three times a week, I’m so addicted!

The last picture was a picture I took of a team during dragon boat. For those who don’t know, Dragon Boat Festival is a two day long competition/festival that happens every year. I usually volunteer there and this summer a lot of my friends were on this team and I was rooting for them!

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  1. Summer Xiaon 20 Sep 2012 at 8:56 am

    I am guessing leech jelly with green tea or melon tea? My brother also joined a Dragon boat team, he is on DCH. I like watching movies in the early morning because there is no one at the theater and it is cheaper. Last thing, I had a class of students last summer and this one student would look sad most of the time but he would always smile for a picture, he was so adorable. What grades were your students?