My typical day…

em141829 on Oct 17th 2012

Alarm wakes me up. Oh my, God, I don’t want to wake up. It’s Tuesday, I have a 7:50 a.m. class, so I have to get up by 5:50. Ew. Political science is my first class. Then I have history. I get up feeling really groggy. Its SOOOOOOOOOOOO early. Why did I chose this retched schedule? At least I end at 10:45 today. I have to brush my teeth. Aquafresh, here I come. I finish in the bathroom and now I have to put my makeup on. Mascara first. Eyeliner. Then, foundation. Have to get dressed. I go back to my room, which holds the comfort and call of my soft, warm bed. 6:30. I have to leave in 20 minutes. I get dressed. Shirt. Pants. Boots. My hair, my stupid hair, needs doing. My bangs need straightening. My curls need gelling. I reach for the Garnier, its sticky. I heat up the straightener. I straighten my bangs. Time to leave. I grab my dad, and we walk to the car. He drives me from my house until the B train stop on Brighton Beach. I get on the express B, but it runs like a snail. So much for express. Finally, I get to the bridge. Is this the Brooklyn or the Manhattan bridge, I wonder every day. I get to the other side of the river in a jiffy. 2 stops in, and I get off on Broadway-Lafayette. I run up the escalator to get to the uptown 6 train, which always, for some reason, is just leaving as I get off the escalator, EVERY DAY!!! I have to walk all the way down the long platform full of tourists and lower east siders, who hate the tourists. I always laugh silently at that relationship. The 6 train comes. I get on that train, and 2 stops later comes Union Square with its hoard of people that are taking the uptown 6. They fill in like a mob, leaving me little elbow room. The next stop, thank God, is mine. 23rd street. I get to Baruch, I slide my ID 10 times before the turnstile finally lets me in. I get to the 11th floor. I walk out and I remember that my class is on 10th, and take the stairs. I get to my class and learn about Political Science. My class finally, after what feels like hours, ends at 9:05. I go to Starbucks across the street, and get my grande iced black tea lemonade and my chicken santa fe panini. Turnstile, we meet again! I get to the 3rd floor and sit in the almost too comfortable chairs, which set up a perfect space to sleep. I fight on, I don’t sleep. I take notes. And then it ends at 10:45 and once more I meet the 6 train and then go home to my warm, soft, comfortable bed.

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  1. Ehab Habbyy Degachion 17 Oct 2012 at 7:05 pm

    Manhattan Bridge :p