You say 7:50 I say 8:20

cr141579 on Oct 18th 2012

7:50 A.M. Political Science. Pshhh. See I’ve always had this issue with punctuality and I’ve only been able to make it on time to that class ONCE. That was the night I didn’t sleep. 5 hour energy anyone? Back in high school I used to wake up 5:30 in the A.M. Now that it’s college, I blame aging. Then again I was late to my kindergarten graduation. No worries though I made it in time to walk with my class. Some things never change I guess.

So stubborn. I should go to bed at eleven. I don’t knock out till one. Finally asleep.    BZZZ. BZZZ. WHO THE HELL IS TEXING ME AT QUARTER TO FOUR!! I don’t care that you’ve finally gotten home after bar hopping all night. Now you decide to respond to my text, wonderful. Being the considerate person I am I have to respond and listen to your stories. 4:15. Okay, no more texting. I tell you don’t be late to class. You say the same. Goodnight.

What do you know. I’m standing outside my class 8:20 I check my phone. Oh well, 30 minutes late. Not too bad.

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  1. Luke Waltzeron 19 Oct 2012 at 8:18 pm

    You’re a good writer. If you’re interested in starting your own blog, ask your Peer Mentor how to get in touch with me.