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Tiana Domenech on Dec 8th 2012

Being at Baruch for a little over 3 months now has been a totally new, unexpected experience, though an enlightening one. Over the summer, I was looking forward to college, but no matter how many people warn you and share their experiences with you, nothing can truly prepare you for what college has in store. Although I was prepared to be much more on my own than I had been in college, I realized a lot of the professors actually walk you through the requirements, rather than just leaving you completely on your own, although some do not. I was glad that I had my LC to accompany me through this new nerve-wracking journey, and my fellow classmates definitely made it a more enjoyable experience. College has proved to be as stressful, even more stressful than anyone could have warned me it would be. The amount of work we get is so much more compared to that in high school, especially after an easygoing senior year.
One important skill that you should probably learn and master quickly in college is time management. Without managing your time in a proper manner, you will end up how I was most of the semester, struggling to get assignments done on time. Although there is a lot of work, most times there is ample time to get it completed. If you are balancing school with other things, it would be best to prioritize and decide what is most important, and focus on that first. With school, work, and social activities, it can be easy to lose sight of which activity should be a priority. I also learned that there is a lot of social activities to do on campus at Baruch. On Thursdays, the Vertical Campus is buzzing with tons of people advertising for different clubs or events that they are sponsoring. I wouldn’t be surprised if there was an event every single day regarding Baruch’s community!
All in all, I’ve had a great learning experience at Baruch. The community is wonderful, having many great students, most of which are in my LC, and astounding professors. It definitely is a change from high school, which is what orientation leaders told me time and time again, but really I had to witness it myself. Now that I have I can truly understand what I am getting myself into for the future but college is definitely going to be worth it.

College is exhausting!

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