Blog Post 3

bp150136 on Dec 13th 2012

What this picture really goes to show is how relationship and bond has strengthened as the semester went on. Freshmen seminar played a significant role in shaping our relationship with each other and brought us closer together. My first three months at Baruch have been surprising to say the least. Many things have happened which I did not expect to happen coming into the school year. First off, I did not expect to hang out with students at Baruch on a regular basis since it was a commuter school. However, that was and is not the case here because not only do I hang out with the kids in my class but they’ve also become my good friends. Also, a sense of community has also been instilled here at Baruch. This was yet another thing that was stopping me to come here but you have to live it to know it and here at Baruch there are a lot of things I can do to get involved which is great. Lastly, the professors here at Baruch are really helpful. They are always there when I have questions and are very helpful and caring. My experience at Baruch thus far has been a great one!

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