Blog Post 4

Tiana Domenech on Dec 8th 2012

My favorite enrichment workshops had to be the Baruch Voices. I enjoyed seeing Baruch Voices the first time because I enjoyed the acting. When I was younger, I was into acting so it always sparks a special interest in me when I see people with talent and enthusiasm. The actors on stage had that enthusiasm and expression when they read these monologues, it made you feel like they genuinely felt the things they were reading. They spoke about multiple different topics and showed different emotions. The second Baruch Voices was also a great experience because there was that added anticipation that one of my fellow classmates’ monologue would have been read. Jacob’s monologue was read and I could imagine his expressions as the actor read his words aloud. The monologues were funny, sad, inspiring, touching and personable. The fact that they were real monologues done by freshman seminar students is a surreal thought because I thought they were written out so wonderfully and acted out so perfectly. The monologues were also relatable which was a good thing as well because it made me realize that many other freshmen are going through the same things that I am. Baruch Voices was a wonderful performance to have witnessed twice, and in future years I hope I get the chance to attend again.

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