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Blog Post 3

bp150136 on Dec 13th 2012

What this picture really goes to show is how relationship and bond has strengthened as the semester went on. Freshmen seminar played a significant role in shaping our relationship with each other and brought us closer together. My first three months at Baruch have been surprising to say the least. Many things have happened which I did not expect to happen coming into the school year. First off, I did not expect to hang out with students at Baruch on a regular basis since it was a commuter school. However, that was and is not the case here because not only do I hang out with the kids in my class but they’ve also become my good friends. Also, a sense of community has also been instilled here at Baruch. This was yet another thing that was stopping me to come here but you have to live it to know it and here at Baruch there are a lot of things I can do to get involved which is great. Lastly, the professors here at Baruch are really helpful. They are always there when I have questions and are very helpful and caring. My experience at Baruch thus far has been a great one!

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Enrichment Workshop

tl141479 on Dec 10th 2012

My favorite enrichment workshop was the one we had to go to out of the three options. The speaker was marvin and the workshop was aimed to help us manage our time in college as well as choosing our core courses for next semester. It really set me straight on what i had to include in my schedule so i was not lost during my schedule planning. He also taught us how we can take away time from things that are less significant to finish things that are more significant such as research paper and/or studying for a upcoming examination. I really thought it was gonna be a useless and boring workshop and they would probably treat us like kids. To my surprise it was quite the opposite, they gave me really essential information and treated us like adults.

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News/Media Workshop

Namit S. on Dec 8th 2012

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Blog Post 4

Tiana Domenech on Dec 8th 2012

My favorite enrichment workshops had to be the Baruch Voices. I enjoyed seeing Baruch Voices the first time because I enjoyed the acting. When I was younger, I was into acting so it always sparks a special interest in me when I see people with talent and enthusiasm. The actors on stage had that enthusiasm and expression when they read these monologues, it made you feel like they genuinely felt the things they were reading. They spoke about multiple different topics and showed different emotions. The second Baruch Voices was also a great experience because there was that added anticipation that one of my fellow classmates’ monologue would have been read. Jacob’s monologue was read and I could imagine his expressions as the actor read his words aloud. The monologues were funny, sad, inspiring, touching and personable. The fact that they were real monologues done by freshman seminar students is a surreal thought because I thought they were written out so wonderfully and acted out so perfectly. The monologues were also relatable which was a good thing as well because it made me realize that many other freshmen are going through the same things that I am. Baruch Voices was a wonderful performance to have witnessed twice, and in future years I hope I get the chance to attend again.

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Blog Post 3

Tiana Domenech on Dec 8th 2012

Being at Baruch for a little over 3 months now has been a totally new, unexpected experience, though an enlightening one. Over the summer, I was looking forward to college, but no matter how many people warn you and share their experiences with you, nothing can truly prepare you for what college has in store. Although I was prepared to be much more on my own than I had been in college, I realized a lot of the professors actually walk you through the requirements, rather than just leaving you completely on your own, although some do not. I was glad that I had my LC to accompany me through this new nerve-wracking journey, and my fellow classmates definitely made it a more enjoyable experience. College has proved to be as stressful, even more stressful than anyone could have warned me it would be. The amount of work we get is so much more compared to that in high school, especially after an easygoing senior year.
One important skill that you should probably learn and master quickly in college is time management. Without managing your time in a proper manner, you will end up how I was most of the semester, struggling to get assignments done on time. Although there is a lot of work, most times there is ample time to get it completed. If you are balancing school with other things, it would be best to prioritize and decide what is most important, and focus on that first. With school, work, and social activities, it can be easy to lose sight of which activity should be a priority. I also learned that there is a lot of social activities to do on campus at Baruch. On Thursdays, the Vertical Campus is buzzing with tons of people advertising for different clubs or events that they are sponsoring. I wouldn’t be surprised if there was an event every single day regarding Baruch’s community!
All in all, I’ve had a great learning experience at Baruch. The community is wonderful, having many great students, most of which are in my LC, and astounding professors. It definitely is a change from high school, which is what orientation leaders told me time and time again, but really I had to witness it myself. Now that I have I can truly understand what I am getting myself into for the future but college is definitely going to be worth it.

College is exhausting!

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Blog post four

ao149943 on Dec 6th 2012

My favorite enrichment workshop was the one about journalism. This class introduced me to the many aspects of journalism. I learned that our information is based on the sources we use. Since we live in an age of information and computing. Information can now be easily accessed through a push of a button. Although this is a good thing for our age. Information from these sources can be either false or misunderstood. This not only hurts credibility of the source but the employees’ jobs are in jeopardy as well.  One example is the newsmagazine called Inside Edition. The newsmagazine introduced us to a story about this woman named Desries Jennings  who had  a disorder called dystonia. She claimed that cause of the illness was by receiving  a seasonal  flu shot.  This caued her dramatic spasms and slurred speech.Although this her story seems believable, it is in essence fake. When Inside Edition  found her walking normally cameras found her walking normally, playing with her dogs, going shopping, even getting behind the wheel of a car and driving, it destroyed their own credibility to operate in journalism

Another aspect of journalism was the notion of misusing information to serve one’s own purpose. The culprit that commited this heinous crime time and time again was Fox News. The newschannel one day shown clips of protests against washington. The problem with these clips is that they are mismatched with ones from the past. This shows dishonesty and awful journalism in their part. In order to be better journalists we must consider our source when making a  story and check it. If we do that then our story is credible and recoghnizable.

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Blog post three

ao149943 on Dec 6th 2012

college student


My first impressions on the first months in baruch college have been comfortable and enjoyable. These have been reflected in the many classes I took this semester. Although there have been times where I have felt of being alone, there was always someone there by my side to help me up. This semester has been very remarkable and interesting in many ways.                                                                                    When I first entered ethics class on August I felt overjoyed to learn a discipline that people can finally use on their daily lives. Ethics is the study of the concepts of right and wrong. During the semester we learned three theories of deontology, consequentialism, and virtue theory. These theories become the classifications for many issues such as abortion, affirmative action, animal rights, and euthanasia. One of the most interesting theories is Kantian ethics in which it states that people should be treated as an ends, not a means.                                                                                                                                                                                   Another impression is how hard the math classes are. When I enrolled in Math 2207 or known as Applied Calculus, I underestimated the severity of the class. As the class continued, the concepts became very difficult to grasp and very difficult to apply. Without any tutor, class participation, and time, I decided to drop the class and take it next semester. Although this became an obstacle for me, I decided that I will never give up and try even better by giving my full one hundred percent toward the class. All I know is if I pass I pass, but If I fail I fail. Nothing will can change who I am.                                                    Freshman seminar in these three months has been nothing but real fun and enjoyment. The seminar has helped me to pursue my goals in Baruch and try to strive for my own success. Another quality of the class is the free writing part in which I write what is going in my mind on paper. This helped me to confront my problems and find better solutions to them. A fun part of free writing was the monologues. Some monologues were funny, and others were very enriching and deep. The most enriching and inspiring was Jacob Lee’s monologue called “A typical Morning”. His monologue was so poignant that it was featured on the school newspaper and on the literary publication. An accomplishment that is truly amazing for one man.                                                                                                                            Like ethics, American government is another fascinating class this semester. We explored concepts such as federalism, interest groups, civil liberties, and bureaucracies. During the class, we also questioned long held on slavery, the presidency, and the origins of the United States. But the most important contribution from the class was view on the power to vote. As Americans view this power as meaningless but it can make difference for this nation’s direction in the coming future. We should use this power to our advantage.                                                                                                                                                                              These and others have played an influence on my impressions on Baruch this semester. They shaped my views on what I want to do in the coming future. Without goal in life, there is only time wasted.


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The Mishkin Gallery

cr141579 on Dec 6th 2012

Our visit to the photography exhibit on women in jazz was my favorite FRO event. It was quite nice to visit something artistically inclined at Baruch, because one can so easily forget that there is more to the Baruch culture beyond the business academia. The curator had a visible passion for the gallery and enjoyed having students visit. This welcoming atmosphere doubled with actual photographs themselves cast a aura of delight on me as a viewer. Jazz itself is very lively and freeing whether it be a display of joyful, lovestruck or melancholy emotion. The photographers really captured this so that even a simple photo can resonate it back to a viewer. Examining and “feeling” the art, I was transformed from a third person viewpoint into that of a seccond or even first person experience. I was unable to go to the Mishkin Gallery with our own LC16, and had to go with another freshman seminar group. The interesting thing I noticed was the group dynamic. Each of these little groups have such a strong sense of community that without a closer look one can easily mistake that these peers have known each other for a long time. I am happy to have bonded with our class. From strangers to friends, we have had a lot of good times exploring Baruch and college life.

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ab145010 on Dec 6th 2012

My favorite workshop was Baruch voices. I really enjoyed Baruch voices because i got to heard what my fellow peers had to say and how they really felt. Although i did not know the people whose speech it was, i felt like i got to better understand all of my fellow classmates. This was definitely a positive experience because it showed me to not just look at  people as people but as human beings who have gone through more than i could ever imagine. I have seen people walking the halls at Baruch and instead of just walking past i can now look at them in the face, and not see their face but a person behind it waiting to be discovered. That is why my favorite workshop was Baruch voices.

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my first semester

ab145010 on Dec 6th 2012

This picture represents my first semester in college because i did not find it as difficult as i thought it would be. I got really nervous my first week of school hearing stories of people failing out, studying 6 hours a night and other horror stories. Although many people told me this, i did not find it that difficult at all. maybe it is because i went to a prep school in New Jersey, but it came very easy to me. I have done all my work and have good grades with all being not so difficult. My first freshman semester was very enjoyable but it was not bad what so ever.

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ah143665 on Dec 6th 2012

The most interesting workshop I attended this past semester was a workshop on the current social media. The professor/ head of the workshop showed us many different sites and videos that were really cool and showed the power of the social media and technology and how it can be used and altered. Although it didn’t affect me so much and it didn’t really inspire me in my first semester, it showed me some interesting things people can do with the current use of technology and how people believe some of the fake links, commercials or adds different companies may use. For example, BBC made a huge april fools prank on all its viewers with a polar bear ad. I thought that it was very amusing. Also, on the news, a picture of a very bad looking scene from 5 years ago was used to describe a scene that happened a few weeks ago (different picture for a different place). I thought that was preety cool. The photography workshop and voices were not so appealing to me. Although the voices monologues were actually pretty funny some of them and it was great to hear one of my own classmates’ monologues being read and performed on stage in front of all the fro classes.

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Favorite Enrichment Workshop

dc143021 on Dec 6th 2012

My favorite enrichment workshop was probably the media workshop where we learned about the credibility of the places we get our information from. The reason I found this to be the most interesting was because I found it interesting that sometimes you really can’t trust things that you see on the internet. Sites like BBC can be deceiving, if someone were to see something posted by them you have a tendency to believe it because in people’s eyes they are a reliable source. This workshop taught me how important it is to search up my information and verify it before posting it. Places like Facebook should not be trusted to get your information because chances are that someone just came up with misleading information in order to get peoples attention. This will help me out in the future because when I have to write a paper for college I will know that it is very important to verify my information and make sure that I don’t have any information that may be made up such as the flying penguins. They were very believable, but as believable as it is I know that today’s technology makes it so that one can really do many things to manipulate real things. I learned to take caution when searching up information.

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dc143021 on Dec 6th 2012

This meme describes my first three months at Baruch because throughout high school I had a teacher that would always tell us this but it never fully sunk in like it does now. Things like assignments or papers that are due and then always procrastinating them made me finally understand what my teacher meant by this. I don’t plan to fail classes or not do an assignment I just failed to plan out my time wisely. I have realized that this has made me realize that I have to do my work and work on my time management skills and do my work on time. College is the place that one has to grow up as a person and realize that in college there is nobody holding your hand and you have to do things for yourself. Nobody is going to look out for your best interest like you will. This isn’t like high school anymore you have to realize that this has become the real world. Baruch was my wake up call and made me realize how bad I want to succeed and make something out of myself. In order to do this I have to plan out to study with more time and manage my time better because if not I might fail without planning to.

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Favorite enrichment workshop

Ehab Habbyy Degachi on Dec 6th 2012

My most favorite enrichment workshop was the Baruch Voices one that we attended on November 30th. There were three main factors that kept me really interested and not daze out like I usually do. One of them was kind o f minor but it was the fact that a classmate’s piece was performed (Jacob) and I was happy for him. As each line was performed I could recall his voice when he did the monologue and it inspired me to have done better when I was performing. Another reason was it was actually very interesting. I loved the performers and felt as if they were really into it, especially the Asian boy. The monologue he was reciting about the cigarettes was a perfect imitation of me, which brings me to my third reason; There were two monologue’s that were an exact replica of me. The one about the smoking, and the one where the girl said she keeps stalling everything saying that it’ll change but it never does. I feel like that’s how I am and it reminds me why I should change myself, which is why I scheduled all my classes to start at average 7 AM mon to thurs.

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Favorite Enrichment

Jenny Wu on Dec 5th 2012

My favorite enrichment is the Baruch voices show that we attended last Thursday. The actors (if it’s appropriate to call them so) were very passionate. There were a lot of monologues that stood out to me. For examples; the one where the girl lost her friend and the one about bacon. They were like opposites in a way, because the first one was really touching and emotional and the latter was comical. The actor who read the monologue about bacon did a great job conveying the author’s monologue in my opinion. It was a pretty interesting experience and I loved the other enrichment workshops as well.

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em141829 on Dec 5th 2012

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Blog post

hl143655 on Dec 5th 2012

      Baruch Voice V was definitely my favorite workshop during this semester. This workshop meant profoundly to me in many ways. It was the very first contribution that I made in college and something that I will remember later in life. I came to realize that something trivial can be magnified to influence others, although I hardly think that my monologue influenced the audience. However, I believe that the importance lies in the context that it was heard by others. Eventually, isn’t that what we all try to do? Also, it was a great pleasure because of unexpectedness. When I wrote this piece, my intention was far from being one of the contributors, however, it was simply amazing to have contributed something. Moreover, it broadened my perspective on people. By listening to the other monologues, I once again realized how different our lives are, even though we all come to the same place.

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oi143588 on Dec 5th 2012

Being part of a LC was very fun and interesting experience. One of the workshops we as a group attended was learning that whatever we read isn’t always the truth. Through the workshop I realized that we have to questioned whether the facts are true or is it being false information. The lady brought up how we tend to believe whatever is written in newspapers and believing their report is true. The workshop was a wake up call since we never research the facts that are given to us but accept it. You can also say that we as readers are lazy and absorb information that is spoon fed to us. The workshop allowed us freshmen to realize that not everything published is true and how we need to check whether it is. This also helps us in the long run in our jobs because we research the facts and can distinguish information from false ones.

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Art workshp

ar141335 on Dec 5th 2012

My favorite enrichment workshop was the one where we went to see the different pictures by the three female photographers. Though I forgot the names of the artists, I still remember many of their works because the pictures were more than just captured a central idea. Each artist had a different vision that they wanted to achieve and we could see it in all their works that they had achieved. One of the artists wanted their subjects to be the central figures with a slanted pose so that the pictures would be representative of motion. Another artist simply captured moments that were not fabulous, referring to the idea that they were not planned and their subjects were unaware that pictures were being taken, yet made the pictures somewhat more spectacular. My favorite picture was one with a female on the stairs playing a musical instrument, which was very simple but the photographer had turned into an extraordinary event and made it seem as a very complex idea that can’t be ignored. I have always loved art, no matter which form it is in, and so this workshop was a good way of getting to know the planning and ideas behind the art. It is easy to critique art and make judgments about it but after this workshop, we learned that if you know the purpose behind the art and what the artist was trying to achieve, a sense of respect forms for the art. Art doesn’t have to be beautiful and spectacular to be good or to have an impact on others, it just has to be understood and just given a little time.

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The First Three Months at Baruch

ar141335 on Dec 5th 2012



The first three months at Baruch have been better than I could have thought they would be. My classes were great introductory classes, with not too much workload and professors who like what they teach.  . I like the free time I have between classes because this enables me to either do some homework at the library or just catch up on some cricket. The library is great and I really like the way it is setup because it gives you a lot of privacy even in a public space. I really like the pod space in the library because you can research quietly on your own there or do some homework without any noise. The students at Baruch are really friendly and they want you to enjoy the time here and do stuff that you enjoy.

Baruch though has some fascinating things that make you wonder why. The escalators though are all rarely functioning together but that was alright because I like to take the stairs anyway. The biggest hurdle though was registering for classes.  The main problem I see with this is that since we are freshman, we will get basically what others don’t need or want and so we are limited in our class choices. I had five classes that I wanted but they were all full and so I had to choose from the remaining classes. Otherwise, Baruch has been a good experience with wonderful people and fun classes. The only other aspect that is not likeable is the commute, because it gets annoying to get on the train every day, especially during the rush hour.  The 6 train is one of the worst things I have seen, with the tracks dirty and people pushing each other just to get cramped inside.

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