A lingering tragedy

” Race and Reunion ” does seem to be an interesting piece of work to me because it provides us, readers, information that we might or might not have known about the Civil War. I never would’ve guessed in a million years that the Civil War was a main event part of many years of American History. I also seem to enjoy this book because it not only tells the reader what happened in the past but also, what was the effect of the Civil war as the country after it ended. I think that anyone would benefit from reading it, it can range from students, professors and even the people that don’t have an interest in reading about history at all. We can all gain a little bit more knowledge about the country we live in.

It does indeed sound that he does like the book because he gives it many compliments throughout the review.  At the end of the third paragraph, Foner claims that ” Race and Reunion” is the most comprehensive source about the Civil war yet. Also,near the end of the review, he says that Blight uses a great amount of indignation. The book prioritizes the importance of historical memory. It is important because not many people have the opportunity to obtain that kind of information. It should be stored and be read by the future generations.

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