I’ve been duped!

David Blight’s book did appeal to me because it showed another way of looking at what happened during the Civil War. He made me eager to know what the whole story of the Civil War because I feel like I was deceived of information. He explains how we’ve been told the story one-sided, which I believed was in favor of the white Northerners and Southerners. He made me realized that black Americans were mentioned so little, like they were ” ‘ forgotten’ “, as Eric Foner said. I think the people who might benefit from reading David Blight’s book would be people who wants to know how our minds can change our memories depending on our views on race. His book explains the relationship between racism and historical memory. If one is racist, then one may remember the Civil War in favored to one of the race, thus altering the historical event in one’s mind.

I believe that Eric Foner does like the book because of how David Blight brought up the relationship between race and the memory of the Civil War. He thinks David Blights’ themes and points are understandable and has a depth of perception on the memories of the Civil War. I believe that Eric Foner also liked the book because he was persuaded by David Blight’s views. Eric Foner even said it himself that David Blight’s book was very persuasive.

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