Do you swear to tell the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth…?

David Blight’s book does seem both interesting and intriguing to me. After reading this review,  I seem to feel that I may not know as much as I think I know about what happened before, after, and during the Civil War. Being a pivotal piece of American history, the Civil War is something all Americans and those living in America should be aware of and know more about (rather than just the date it occurred, and who was involved.) It changed American society forever, and to this day we continue to see its effects. The review was particularly appealing to me because it mentioned how Blight’s book calls a lot of people out on their bulls*** and sheds light on issues that were backed into corners by others. I honestly think everyone would benefit from reading this book because it would allow us all to try and become a little more open minded about our view of things and also serve as a reminder of what actually was occurring back in the day.

This review definitely illustrates that Eric Foner is a fan of Blight’s book. He give’s it endless compliments and credits throughout the entire review. With all the compliments and positive remarks floating around, he  basically deems it incomparable to any other historical text used today. The book review however, not only serves as positive marketing for Blight’s book but also as a lesson. It teaches its readers the importance of seeing through the eyes of everyone not just one particular person of group of people. It is important to recall things that happened from all points of views with the utmost accuracy to truly compile an adequate understanding of American history and its events.

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