Yes, it sounds like David Blight liked his book.

a) The David Blight book sounds very interesting to me. The book gives you a few different point-of-views about the Civil War and race. It’s very interesting to know that some historians don’t believe the Civil War was fought because of slavery. It points out that there isn’t much statues of black men from the war in the North or South. When referring to the blacks fighting in the war, it is said they were fighting for their masters. This is all very interesting because it seems that historians are trying to eliminate blacks from this history. everyone can benefit from this, especially students because you don’t get to see this side of the War.

b) Yes, it sounds like Foner liked Blights’ book because he talks about many versions of the Civil War and he sheds light on racism, which is the books main point – racism then and still now. Foner also strongly agrees with what Blight says in his book.

c) The book review tells me it is important to have many different versions/views of a story because then you see everyone’s side and not just one side. it is important to know that historians write history according to their beliefs, their views, their memories and their feelings

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